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Agency Information Officers

The executive director of the Office of Communications and Public Outreach (OCPO) serves as chief spokesperson for the Energy and Environment Cabinet (EEC).  OCPO staff are responsible for overseeing internal and external communications, handling media requests, preparing and distributing press releases, editing all cabinet newsletters and reports and publishing to Web sites. OCPO also edits the cabinet's environmental magazine, Land, Air & Water.

Information officers employed by EEC departments and divisions serve both the public and media representatives in finding and delivering information about their agency's services and programs.  Agency information officers also prepare and distribute news releases issued by their respective agencies. If you need help finding an answer or getting to the right staff person or program, the following individuals should be your first point of contact: 

Public Information Officer Agency   Phone number
John Mura, Director Office of Communications and Public Outreach 502-782-7023
Carrie Searcy Office of Communications and Public Outreach


Roberta Burnes Division for Air Quality 502-782-6571
Elizabeth McNulty Division of Compliance Assistance 502-782-6414
Jennie Perry Division of Waste Management 502-782-6732
Kim Greenidge Division of Water 502-782-6630
Kimberly Richardson Division of Conservation 502-782-6751  
Jennifer Turner Division of Forestry 502-564-4496 
Eileen Hardy Department for Energy Development and Independence 502-782-6965
Leslie Isaman Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission 502-573-2886
Andrew Melnykovych Kentucky Public Service Commission