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Energy and Environment Cabinet

Governor's Conference on Energy and the Environment

Governor's Conference on Energy and the Environment
 Sept. 21-22, 2016 
 Lexington Convention Center


The following presentions were shared during the 2015 Governor's Conference on Energy and the Environment:
Back to the Future: Energy and Environmental Issues Then and Now
 Presented by Shawn Cecil, Senior Geologist
Carbon Capture and Sequestration Project
Presented by John Moffett, Senior Program Manager
UK Center for Applied Energy Research
Presented by William Ray, P.E., Superintendent
Glasgow Electric Plant Board
Competing on the International Stage
Eric Wolff, Vice President, Manufacturing
 Presented by Anda Ray, VP, Environment and Chief Sustainability Officer
Electric Power Research Institute
Oil and Gas Issues in Kentucky
Oil and Gas Ownership and Regulation
By Karen Greenwell, Partner
Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs, LLP
Kentucky Oil and Gas Association
Presented by Andrew McNeill, Executive Director
A Review of Oil and Gas Resource Trends in Kentucky
Presented by Brandon Nuttall
Kentucky Geological Survey
Student Videos: The Kentucky Vision Project
The Governor's Conference on Energy and Development planning committe asked students across Kentucky to answer the question, "What is your vision for Kentucky's energy and environment future?" The students answered the question through videos. Click on the external links to watch:

The following presentations were shared during the 2014 Governor's Conference on Energy and the Environment. 

Economic and Energy Trends
Presented by Michael Childress, Center for Business and Economic Research

Demographic, Employment and Economic Trends
Presented by Ron Crouch, Director, Research and Statistics, Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet

Business Case for Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Awareness in the Workplace
Presented by Kim Harmon, Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc.

Case Study: Habitat for Humanity Green Infrastructure Demonstration, Bowling Green, Kentucky
Presented by Nancy Givens

Fort Knox Energy Initiatives
Presented by RJ Dyrdek

Greenhouse Gas Proposed Regulations

EPA's Clean Power Plan: An Overview
Presented by David Crews, East Kentucky Power Cooperative

Innovative Communities

Glasgow Regional Landfill Methane Recovery to Electrification Project
Presented by Glasgow Mayor Rhonda Trautman

Berea Solar Farm
Presented by Berea Municipal Utilities

Greensburg Energy Saving Project
Presented by Mayor Lisle Cheatham

Brownfield Successes

Kentucky's Brownfield Redevelopment Program
Presented by Karen Thompson, Smith Management
Dow Porter, Shield Environmental 

Urban Forestry and Reforestation 

Increasing Rural Community Wealth and Environmental Health in Southeastern Kentucky
Presented by Sarah Gracey, Kentucky Division of Forestry

Stewardship in Agriculture

Growing Kentucky Agriculture and Investing in its Future
Presented by the Governor's Office of Agriculture Policy

Sustainability in Agriculture
Presented by Jennifer Elwell
Kentucky Corn Growers/Small Grain Growers 

Sustainable Waters

Predicting Water Quality in Kentucky Lakes using Remote Sensing
Presented by Garrett Stillings and Mark Martin
Kentucky Division of Water

Harmful Algal Blooms in Kentucky
Presented by Mark Martin, Kentucky Division of Water

Restoring Water Quality: Using Nonpoint Source Funding to Improve Water Quality for Recreation
Presented by Brooke Shireman, Kentucky Division of Water

What's the Message in the Glass? And, Can You Trust the Messenger?
Presented by Kelley Dearing Smith, Louisville Water Company

Infrastructure Challenges

BEAM Regional Infrastructure Report
Presented by Greg Heitzman, Louisville Metro Sewer District

Infrastructure Challenges in Kentucky
Presented by Carey Johnson, Kentucky Division of Water

Infrastructure Challenges
Presented by Eric T. Belle, Columbia Gas of Kentucky, Ohio