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Energy and Environment Cabinet


**NEW**  GHG Whitepaper Now Available Online

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will be issuing proposed greenhouse gas (GHG) standards for existing power plants in June 2014. In advance of the agency’s rulemaking, the EPA is reaching out to stakeholders, including states. The Energy and Environment Cabinet’s Whitepaper—Greenhouse Gas Policy Implications for Kentucky under Section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act—urges EPA’s consideration of a flexible, mass-emissions strategy (sector-wide percentage CO2 reductions compared to a baseline year) that would be more effective and less costly than a rigid rate-based (lbs. CO2 per megawatt hour) emissions standard. Click here for a downloadable PDF of the document.

**NEW** Economic Challenges Facing Kentucky's Electricity Generation Under Greenhouse Gas Constraints

The Energy Environment Cabinet continues to participate in conversations at the national and state level about the impact greenhouse gas regulations could have on Kentucky ratepayers. Kentucky’s economy is dependent on low and stable electricity prices, and the newly released study, Economic Challenges Facing Kentucky’s Electricity Generation Under Greenhouse Gas Constraints continues the discussion.  This paper neither advocates nor endorses a particular federal policy option for regulating greenhouse gas emissions.  This paper is also not a detailed plan for Kentucky’s response to new federal regulations.  It is intended to inform federal and state leaders of the challenges that lie ahead for Kentucky and the opportunities we have to respond effectively. Additional simulation details are available in Appendix C.


Energy and the environment – two parts of our daily lives that seem at first glance to be counter to each other. Yet, in Kentucky, we firmly believe these two areas can and should be part of the same discussion. That is why Gov. Steve Beshear brought the two together under the Energy and Environment Cabinet (EEC).

In Kentucky's EEC, we take seriously our role of overseers of how we carefully and thoughtfully address the energy needs of our citizens. Whether from our historic coal operations and seeking ways in which to mine and deliver that mineral more safely and cleanly, or developing stringent regulations that make certain Kentucky’s natural beauty is not harmed, EEC employees continue to work diligently to bring vital services to all Kentuckians.

There are three departments within the EEC. The Department for Environmental Protection, Department for Natural Resources and Department for Energy Development and Independence.

Cabinet news releases are listed below.  You may sort them by date or topic simply by hovering over the appropriate column and using the drop-down arrow for menu choices. 


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 Energy and Environment Cabinet News Releases

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3/11/2014Waste Management
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