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Energy and Environment Cabinet

These Kentucky cousins take a break outdoors to enjoy the spring weather.

2018 Earth Day in Kentucky

Energy and Environment Cabinet
Earth Day Contests for 2018
How to Enter- 
For middle school students, the "Capture the Earth" photo contest seeks original photographs and for high school students, the "Capture the Earth" video contest seeks original videos. Both contests seek to celebrate the beauty and diversity of Kentucky.
Submissions should attempt to move viewers to care about the environment in Kentucky. The deadline for submissions for both contests is April 6, 2018 at 4:30 p.m.
You can enter the photo contest by sending your photo as an attachment to Your photograph must be saved as a jpeg file. File sizes may not exceed 5MB. The subject line of your email should read STUDENT EARTH DAY PHOTO CONTEST. 
You can enter the video contest by uploading your video to YouTube, making it public and emailing the link to: Your video must be saved as a YouTube link.
The subject line of your email should read STUDENT EARTH DAY VIDEO CONTEST.
Earth Day photo contest flyer 2018.jpg

2017 Earth Day Winners
2017 was the first year the Cabinet had a video contest. And the winner was Diana Lila, a student at Eastside Technical Center, Lexington, Ky., for her video, “Let’s Keep it Beautiful.”

View her video here-

Diana and her family received a two-night stay with their families at a Kentucky State Resort Park of their choice, compliments of the Kentucky Department of Parks.
2017's winner of the seventh annual “Capture the Earth” student photo contest was a Johnson County Middle School eighth-grader, Meghan Grace Ratliff, for her “Sunrise at Jenny Wiley State Park."
Ratliff 2017 Winner
"This photo, shot at sunrise over Jenny Wiley State Park's Dewey Lake, highlights all that is good here in Kentucky.  From the tranquil sunrise, to the calm, clean water, to the towering hills that make East Kentucky my home, this photo encompasses a strong effort to conserve and protect these resources by our community, park officials, and all who frequent and visit Dewey Lake. Whether to boat, enjoy a sunrise or sunset, have a picnic, catch a fish, hike a trail or play at the many play areas, visitors to this park and others like it in KY must take pride and take part in keeping it a clean, safe space for recreation.  And when I look into my crystal ball, I see the positive outcomes of these efforts, and I can see that at least in my part of the earth, that the sun will always shine bright on my old Kentucky home.”

Ratliff Crystal Ball 3.jpg

Olivia Halfhill, 13, a seventh-grader also from Johnson County Middle School, received an Honorable Mention for her photo that captured a Paintsville, Ky. pastoral scene. For her efforts, Halfhill received an elk tour for two at Jenny Wiley State Park.
Halfhill Headshot.png

"Everyone enjoys slowing down and taking much needed time to spend with their family.   You do not have to travel far to be amazed by natures beauty it's all around you in Eastern Kentucky. In this picture spring brings a new beginning of the year with trees swaying in the gentle calming breeze while walking through the dew covered grass. Going to the barn is like stepping into another world! There you can learn and explore new things in nature and make bonds with animals you never knew could be so incredible.”

Halfhill .jpg