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​​​​​​​​​Kentucky Excellence in Environmental Leadership (KY EXCEL)​

​​​As a program, KY EXCEL uses a circular economy approach to facilitate environmental leadership and recognize environmental stewards. KY EXCEL offers a home for all of Kentucky's environmental stewards and an avenue to develop environmental leaders. For those who are already on the path to stewardship, KY EXCEL provides a place to explore environmental issues, engage in environmentally beneficial projects and network with other like-minded individuals. For those new to environmental stewardship, KY EXCEL provides information, resources and ideas to encourage environmental leadership development. 

Facilitating Environmental Leadership

​​Environmental leadership refers to not only complying with environmental regulations, but going above and beyond environmental compliance. To facilitate environmental leadership throughout the Commonwealth, KY EXCEL provides the following services:

  • Free assistance with developing voluntary environmental goals and the implementation and evaluation of projects.
  • Coordination with other Department services, such as compliance assistance.
  • Virtual or on-site staff consultation and research assistance to help with environmental leadership efforts and brain storm solutions to implement better environmental stewardship practices.
  • Educational and networking events.

​Recognizing Environmental Leaders

​​KY EXCEL also encourages environmental leadership by providing avenues for recognition through KY EXCEL membership and by managing the Department's Environmental Excellence Awards Program. ​​

Members of KY EXCEL complete goals each year that make significant improvements to environmental and human health for Kentucky.


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