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​​​​​​​​​​​​Kentucky Excellence in Environmental Leadership (KY EXCEL)​

​​​As a program, KY EXCEL uses a circular economy approach to facilitate environmental leadership and recognize environmental stewards. KY EXCEL offers a home for all of Kentucky's environmental stewards and an avenue to develop environmental leaders. For those who are already on the path to stewardship, KY EXCEL provides a place to explore environmental issues, engage in environmentally beneficial projects and network with other like-minded individuals. For those new to environmental stewardship, KY EXCEL provides information, resources and ideas to encourage environmental leadership development. 

Facilitating Environmental Leadership

​​Environmental leadership refers to not only complying with environmental regulations, but going above and beyond environmental compliance. To facilitate environmental leadership throughout the Commonwealth, KY EXCEL provides the following services:

  • Free assistance with developing voluntary environmental goals and the implementation and evaluation of projects.
  • Coordination with other Department services, such as compliance assistance.
  • Virtual or on-site staff consultation and research assistance to help with environmental leadership efforts and brain storm solutions to implement better environmental stewardship practices.
  • Educational and networking events.

​Recognizing Environmental Leaders

​​KY EXCEL also encourages environmental leadership by providing avenues for recognition through KY EXCEL membership

Members of KY EXCEL complete goals each year that make significant improvements to environmental and human health for Kentucky.


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