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By becoming a member of KY EXCEL, you have the opportunity to actively participate in a community of environmental leaders. Our program offers you the flexibility to enter at a level that fits your needs and grow within the program as you become more experienced with greening behaviors.

What membership level fits you best?

  • If you or your organization own land and farm crops or livestock or is an advocacy group for farmers/agriculture, KY EXCEL Farm Membership is right for you.
  • If you or your organization does not have a permit from the Department for Environmental Protection (DEP), you are eligible for an Advocate membership. To be an Advocate, submit a member application and commit to at least one voluntary environmental project each year. At the end of the year or upon completion of the project, submit an annual report on the project and accomplishments.
  • If you or your organization has a DEP permit, you can participate at the Partner, Leader, or Master levels. These memberships are tiered to allow for different levels of commitment. All voluntary projects are to be reported on annually.

Download a copy of the KY EXCEL Membership brochure.


Annual Membership Requirements:

KY EXCEL Member Levels

The program accepts the required annual project report forms for both on-going or completed projects. A seperate proposal and report form should be submitted for each individual project each year to maintain member status.


Begin Your Membership

Submit a membership application and the number of project proposal forms associated with the membership level desired according to the annual membership requirements. Partner, Leader and Master members will be asked demonstrate that an environmental management plan will be developed or is in place as well as provide a statement of performance assessment. Each application is reviewed and approved by the Department for Environmental Protection in order to become a KY EXCEL Member.


Renew or Upgrade Your Membership

Membership is renewed on an annual basis. To renew a membership, submit the annual reports for each project proposed from the prior year and project proposals for the coming year. Partner and Leader Members can upgrade membership to the next level by submitting the appropriate number of project proposals and associated forms.

For Example: If a Partner Member is upgrading to a Leader membership, they should submit the following forms:

  • KY EXCEL Membership Application
  • Performance Assessment Statement
  • Copy of the Table of Contents of the Environmental Management Plan
  • 3 different Project Proposals