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Whether you are an individual who is just looking for some energy or water efficiency ideas, a business seeking ways to save money or a KY EXCEL member identifying possible project ideas, this page has it all!

Below are just a few resources that can help you in your efforts to reduce the amount of water and energy you use and the amount of waste you produce.

Link NameLink Description
​A KY EXCEL member pollution prevention and energy efficiency calendar. Each month focuses on a new topic.
Information on how to be wise consumers of water.
​This website contains a home water audit and features 100 tips on conserving water.
A one-stop shop for energy conservation and efficiency information.
Information on how to reduce the waste you produce, recycle where possible and reuse items in new and exciting ways.
A non-profit organization where members are giving and receiving stuff for free. Keeps items out of landfills.
This module talks about steam and best practices for steam efficiency in industry.
This module contains a general overview of how to reduce a facility’s energy demand and energy costs
This module presents the basics of how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through everyday activities, heating and cooling and planting a tree. This is a general overview in order to create a green footprint