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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Kentucky Excellence in Environmental Leadership's (KY EXCEL) Membership program offers a
home for all environmental leaders and stewards within the Commonwealth. Membership benefits​ vary with type of membership and range from newsletters to recognition opportunities.

Breakdown of Benefits by Membership Type​​

KE_Logos.pngBronze Members
  • Rights to use the KY EXCEL Logo for member's level of membership
  • Added to the Department's online list of KY EXCEL Members
  • Assistance identifying potential voluntary environmental goals
  • Detailed Environmental Leadership Self-Assessment Assistance
  • Coordination with the Department staff for compliance assistance
  • Facilitation of partnerships and networking between members
  • Receive KY EXCEL e-newsletters
  • Eligibility to receive a KY EXCEL Beacon Award

Silver Membership
  • ​All membership benefits mentioned above
  • Option to have a KY EXCEL Spotlight developed     

Gold Membership
  • All membership benefits mentioned above
  • Expedited permitting assistance within the Department                                               ​​

KY EXCEL Beacon Awards

KY EXCEL presents the Beacon Awards annually to recognize the achievements of exemplary efforts of KY EXCEL members. Every year by December 31, members self-nominate for a Beacon Award by simply submitting their annual goal reports in their membership renewal application. In conjunction with the annual KY EXCELebration, one award is given for the following categories: Conservation, Environmental Education, Performance Improvement, Pollution Prevention, Waste Reduction, and Restoration. For more details, please see the Beacon Award Categories​. 

Green Moments

Green Moments is a monthly e-newsletter created by KY EXCEL that provides environmental stewardship ideas and resources. All members are automatically signed-up for this e-newsletter. Non-members can sign-up for Green Moments by visiting the Newsletters and Online Media Subscription Webpage.

KY EXCEL Quarterly Bulletin

KY EXCEL Quarterly Bulletin is an e-newsleter created by KY EXCEL that provides environmental stewardship resources along with KY EXCEL program and membership updates. This publication is only available to KY EXCEL members.​

KY EXCEL Member Networking

One of the benefits of KY EXCEL membership is the facilitation of partnerships and networking among members. Each member may have up to three networking contacts that will be notified of upcoming networking/partnership opportunities and have the option of participating in a KY EXCEL Member Microsoft Teams Channel. ​