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KY EXCEL Member Benefits:

  • Reduced cost and early registration for DCA hosted training events on environmental leadership topics.
  • Application assistance and project identification.
  • Help with reporting project results.
  • Help with the development of environmental management plans.
  • Coordination with the environmental compliance assistance program to help regulated entities with compliance issues.
  • Facilitated partnerships between members.
  • Use of KY EXCEL logo and materials for marketing opportunities.
  • Recognition at events, in newsletters and on our website.
  • Priority processing when applying for permits (Leader and Master)
  • Statewide press release announcing your membership for Master status achievement.
  • All members are automatically subscribed to Naturally Connected, DEP's ​​electronic environmental newsletter.
  • KY EXCELebration

    Annually, KY EXCEL members meet in a one-day conference to network, learn more about sustainable behaviors and get updates on programmatic issues. Members enjoy networking, site tours and recognition through the KY EXCEL Beacon Awards.

    Beacon Awards

    The KY EXCEL Beacon Awards acknowledges excellence in environmental leadership.

    Congratulations to our 2019 Beacon Award Winners!.pdf

    2018 Beacon Award Winners!

    Each year, awards are given for the following categories:

     Conservation – Activities that protect natural habitat or specific wildlife species. 

    • Exotic Species Management - Removing or controlling non-native plant or animal species.
    • Land Preservation - Setting aside land to restrict development and encourage natural habitat.  This can include both conservation and preservation techniques.
    • Wildlife Management - Conducting activities to enhance or protect native plant and animal populations.

    Education – Activities that promote a better understanding of Kentucky’s environment.

    • Adult Education - General environmental education targeting primarily adults.
    • Student Education - General environmental education targeting primarily students.
    • Internal Training - Technical or regulatory training delivered to an internal audience.
    • External Training - Technical or regulatory training delivered to an external audience.

    Mentoring and Technical Assistance – Non-training activities that assist other entities in their effort to comply with Kentucky’s environmental requirements (external).

    •  KY EXCEL Member - Assistance provided to a current KY EXCEL member
    •  Non KY EXCEL Member - Assistance provided to someone that is not a KY EXCEL member

    Performance Improvement – Activities that promote improvements in the ability of a regulated entity to comply with Kentucky’s environmental requirements (internal)

    Public Health – Activities that result in an improvement to the public’s health.

    •  External Health - Activities targeting an external audience
    •  Internal Health - Activities targeting an internal audience

    Research and Development - Activities conducted to determine if new techniques, processes, or materials could be used in a manner that improves the environment.

    Restoration – Activities that improve degraded resources.

    • Contamination - Activities that remove or manage pollutants
    • Natural Resource - Activities that restore an altered environment back toward a natural state.
    • Offsets - Improving an air, water, or land resource to offset damages that have occurred in a different location.

    Resource Efficiency – Activities that result in the more efficient use of a resource.

    • Natural Gas - Activities that reduce the use of natural gas
    • Electric - Activities that reduce the use of electricity
    • Fuel - Activities that reduce the use of traditional fuels for combustion engines and related equipment
    • Water - Activities that reduce the use of water
    • Other - Activities that reduce the use of a resource not listed above

    Resource Support – Activities that result in donations for environmentally related actions.

    • Funding - Monetary donations
    • Equipment - Equipment donations
    • Time - Volunteer donations
    • Goods - Materials, products and other related donations

    Waste Reduction – Activities that reduce the amount of waste that would otherwise be disposed.

    • Greening Supply Chain - Activities that result in suppliers and customers reducing the volume of water they would generate.
    • Pollution Prevention - Activities that result in the creation of a waste.
    • Recycle - Activities that result in the recycling of a generated waste
    •  Reuse - Reusing a product for it intended original purpose rather than disposing the product.

    DEP Awards

    Members are also eligible to apply for the annual DEP Awards by submitting a nomination form.

    Networking Field Trips

    Members enjoy annual field trip to make site-visits at member facilities and experience networking opportunities. Members get early access and discounts to register for these events.

    To enjoy these benefits, become a member of KY EXCEL and join the community of environmental leaders today!​​​​