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KY EXCEL Member Benefits:

  • Reduced cost and early registration for DCA hosted training events on environmental leadership topics.
  • Application assistance and project identification.
  • Help with reporting project results.
  • Help with the development of environmental management plans.
  • Coordination with the environmental compliance assistance program to help regulated entities with compliance issues.
  • Facilitated partnerships between members.
  • Use of KY EXCEL logo and materials for marketing opportunities.
  • Recognition at events, in newsletters and on our website.
  • Priority processing when applying for permits (Leader and Master)
  • Statewide press release announcing your membership for Master status achievement.
  • All members are automatically subscribed to Naturally Connected, DEP's ​​electronic environmental newsletter.
  • Recognition Opportunities 

    KY EXCEL Beacon Awards

    Beacon Thumnail.JPGKY EXCEL is proud to introduce the KY EXCEL Beacon          Awards. Members nominate their KY EXCEL projects for a    Beacon Award by simply submitting their annual KY EXCEL project reports. Beacon Awards are presented annually during the KY EXCELebration. One award is given for each of the following project categories: 




    ​Projects that protect natural habitat, specific wildlife species, or restore/improve a natural resource. This includes, but is not limited to, exotic species management, land preservation and wildlife management.
    ​Environmental Education

    Projects that promote a better understanding of Kentucky's environment. This includes, but is not limited to, community education, education support, outreach, and service learning.

    Performance Improvement

    ​Projects that promote improvements in the ability of a regulated entity to comply with Kentucky’s environmental requirements. This includes, but is not limited to, technical assistance, research and development, and mentoring.

    ​Pollution Prevention 

    ​Projects that reduce, eliminate, or prevent pollution at its source prior to recycling, treatment or disposal. This includes but is not limited to in-process beneficial reuse, green engineering, green supply chain, resource efficiency, and source reduction.


    ​Projects that improve degraded resources. This includes, but is not limited to, contamination, natural resources, offsets, and restoration support.

    Waste Reduction

    ​Projects that reduce the amount of waste that would otherwise be disposed of in a landfill. This includes, but is not limited to, beneficial reuse (not in-process) and recycling.

    KY EXCEL Champion Award 
    Champion Award Thumbnail.jpgThe Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection (DEP) proudly recognizes environmental excellence in the Commonwealth through the department’s Environmental Excellence Awards program. There are four award categories in this program. One of these four awards is specifically for active KY EXCEL members: the KY EXCEL Champion. The KY EXCEL Champion Award is annually presented to one active KY EXCEL member that has been nominated by the general public or self nominated. 


    Green Moments

    Green News Thumbnail.jpgGreen Moments is a monthly e-newsletter created by KY EXCEL that provides environmental stewardship ideas and resources. All members are automatically signed-up for this monthly newsletter. Non-members can sign-up for Green Moments by visiting DCA’s Newsletters and Online Media Subscription Webpage.

    KY EXCEL Quarterly Bulletin 

    Quarterly Bulletin Thumbnail.jpeg

    KY EXCEL Quarterly Bulletin is a quarterly e-newsletter created by KY EXCEL that provides environmental stewardship resources along with KY EXCEL program and membership updates. This publication is only available to KY EXCEL members.