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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Completing voluntary goals is a key requirement of KY EXCEL membership. Applicants can propose a broad range of goal ideas.  In fact, creative goals are encouraged. A proposed goal’s focus can be specific to the applicant, the applicant’s peer group, the applicant’s community or be applied statewide.

Goal Proposal

KY EXCEL applicants will be required to complete a goal proposal form describing the activities that they wish to complete as members. Voluntary goals must be reviewed and approved by KY EXCEL prior to acceptance into the program. These proposals must be submitted with a completed KY EXCEL Membership Application.

When preparing the goal proposal, prospective members should use the S.M.A.R.T. goal method:

  1. Specific: Define the goal as much as possible with no ambiguous language. Who is involved, what do you want to accomplish, where will it be done, why are you doing this goal (reasons/purpose), which constraints or requirements will you have to face?
  2. Measurable: Can you track and measure outcomes? How much, how many, how will I know when my goal is accomplished?
  3. Attainable: Is the goal reasonable enough to be accomplished? How so? Make sure the goal is not out of reach or below standard performance. To help, KY EXCEL staff have compiled a List of Potential Metrics.
  4. Relevant: Is the goal worthwhile and will it meet your needs? Is each goal consistentwith other goals you have established and fits withyour immediate and long-term plans?
  5. Timely: Your objective should include a stated time limit, which includes a start and end date for each proposed goal.  
       All goals should be voluntary and benefit the environment.  For applicants who do not have a specific goal in mind, KY EXCEL staff is willing to work with you to identify an appropriate goal.

Member Reporting

  • When renewing their annual membership, KY EXCEL members are required to report on each of their voluntary environmental goals approved in their previous KY EXCEL membership application.
  • KY EXCEL staff understand that not all goals will be easy to measure, but strongly encourage members to quantify their goal results as much as possible in their goal reports. To help, KY EXCEL staff have compiled a of  list of potential metrics.  List of Metrics​.​​
  • A member's goal report acts as nomination form for KY EXCEL's annual Beacon Awards. See the KY EXCEL Membership Benefits webpage for more details about the Beacon Awards.​

KY EXCEL Project Examples