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Each fall, Kentucky brewers, distillers and wineries come together to talk about the sustainability efforts currently being practiced in the industry and to shape future sustainability endeavors. This gathering is known as the Sustainable Spirits Summit (S3).

Started by the Division of Compliance Assistance and the Kentucky Distillers’ Association, the Sustainable Spirits Summit began in 2011 when a handful of participants met at Wild Turkey Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Ky. Over time this event has grown in attendance and matured through participation and collaboration into Kentucky’s Sustainable Spirits Initiative. ​



In addition to the summit, the initiative has developed multiple resources to assist Kentucky's brewers, distillers and wineries in their sustainability endeavors. These resources are available below.

Video Resources
Link NameLink Description
A two-minute video providing an overview of using a team approach for managing energy.
A brief introductory video about the benefits of benchmarking and how to develop such a program.
​A short animated film designed to provide an overview of managing demand.
A quick video about the importance of understanding electric bills.
A short video about a technique for identifying areas of improvement within the distilling and brewing process called Sustainable Value Stream Mapping.
Tools and Guides
Link NameLink Description
A Best Management Practice Guide focusing on developing an energy management program.
A team approach to energy management that improves buy-in and increases energy savings. This infographic shows the keys to team success.
Strong energy management creates a competitive edge by reducing energy costs. Here are a few ideas to get started.
A Best Management Practice Guide designed to help companies understand their bills and use them to improve their energy management endeavors.
To manage electricity, one must understand energy and manage demand. This infographic will help you do just that.
A Best Management Practice Guide designed to help facilities improve energy performance by benchmarking.
This infographic highlights the keys to successful benchmarking.
Starting a benchmarking program can be overwhelming. Here is a simplified look at developing such a program.
This Best Management Practice Guide provides an overview of how a facility can manage their electric loads and demand.
To manage electricity, a business must understand a facility’s demand. This infographic covers the basics of demand.
Peak demand and electricity costs can be reduced by shifting electricity loads at a facility. This infographic provides some load shifting “how-to” details.
A Best Management Practice Guide about a technique used to identify areas of improvement known as Sustainable Value Stream Mapping.
Creating a Sustainable Value Stream Map can help a company identify ways to increase the sustainability of their manufacturing process(es). Here is an example of such a map to help you get started.
Tracking performance can require keeping records and converting units. Here is a list of common conversions to help out.