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​On-Farm Water Management | About the Program

The On-Farm Water Management Program is a collaboration between the Kentucky Division of Water and the Kentucky Office of Agricultural Policy with several goals: 

To promote innovation in on-farm water management,
To decrease production dependence on municipal water sources,
To increase on-farm water availability and farm profitability,
To normalize innovative practices, and
To improve data on costs/benefits of new practices

Water quantity is one of the central limiting factors facing every agricultural operation. In times of drought, it reduces yields and increases water bills. In times of flood, stormwater runoff can cost operations in terms of pasture damage, increased stress on livestock due to muddy conditions, and on-site water source contamination. Municipal water is not available everywhere, and where it is, farmers have to share with surrounding communities.

The On-Farm Water Management Program seeks to minimize water quantity challenges by helping producers harvest every drop of water that falls on their property. The program goal is to capture, store, and use all available water resources in a way that will help Kentucky’s agricultural community reduce drought vulnerability, reduce dependence on municipal water, manage excess runoff, and improve soil health and moisture availability. 

A list of best management practices is included in the guidelines to highlight the types of proven practices the On-Farm Water Management Program is focused on funding, however, applicants are also encouraged to submit other innovative ideas for consideration.

For more information contact: 

Bill Caldwell
Kentucky Division of Water
(502) 782-6906