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The Kentucky General Assembly passed the Kentucky Agriculture Water Quality Act (AWQA) in 1994 with the goal of protecting the surface and groundwater resources from pollution resulting from agriculture and forestry activities. This workbook is a tool to help you think about the things you do on your farm and determine what practices you have that prevent pollution. Answers to the questions lead the user through sections that may apply to your farm. Honestly answering yes or no below each question will help you choose the practices you have installed that prevent pollution from that activity. You can also use this workbook to help give you ideas about additional practices you may want to add to your farm in the future.

A completed workbook is only part of compliance with the Kentucky AWQA. To be in compliance, you also have to be implementing practices on your farm to stop pollution. These practices are also beneficial to you in preventing loss of soil and nutrients from your farm.

Although there is no required frequency of plan updates, you should review your plan every time you change something on your farm. New practices are also added to the state plan periodically and may be of beneficial to your plan.

Ag Water Quality Plan E-Workbook

  1. Create a log-in account through the Kentucky Online Gateway here.
  2. After creating an account or logging in with an existing account, access the AWQA e-workbook.
  3. If you are working on your e-workbook and need to come back to finish it later, select the button at the bottom of the e-form labeled "Click to save values for future retrieval."
  4. After completing the appropriate sections of the workbook, fill in the signature block in the "Plan Summary" tab of the e-workbook.
  5. To complete your e-workbook and obtain a printable copy for your records, select the button at the bottom of the e-form labeled "Click to retain a copy of your completed plan."