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2017 Edition

Standard Details Table of Contents

Standard Details

Technical Specifications - Print Single Sided

Technical Specifications - Print Double Sided

2020  -  Updates and Revisions

Cover Crop Specification (Revised December 2020)

General Hydro-seeding Specification (Revised December 2020)

August 2017 - Updates and Revisions

Standard Details

Standard Details - Table of Contents (Revised August 2017)

Standard Details (Revised August 2017)

General Provisions (Revised July 2017)

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Contractor Information

The Division of Abandoned Mine Lands (AML) is an agency within the Department for Natural Resources that operates throughout Kentucky’s coal producing counties.   AML works to remedy issues caused by mining prior to 1982 and permits with forfeited bond money.

Types of Projects
AML typically has four classifications of project sites for bidding: Abandoned Mine Land (AML), Bond Forfeiture, Acid Mine Drainage (AMD), and Small Purchase Projects.  
  • AML Projects are generally measures alleviating issues caused by pre-1982 mining.  These may include, but not limited to, slide repair, portal closures,  retaining wall construction, excavation, drainage measures, demolition of mining structures,  and refuse fire suppression.
  • Bond Forfeiture Projects include some of the same construction work as AML but are funded using the forfeited bond money from coal mining permit to reclaim the site.    
  • AMD Projects are designed to abate acid mine drainage.  These may include installation and maintenance of water treatment structures.  
  • Small Purchase Projects can fall into any of the aforementioned classifications but on a smaller scale (less than $40,000) and do not require a bond.  

How to Become A Contractor
Create an eProcurement account
Click the REGISTER button on the bottom left and enter company or personal information

How to View Active Project Solicitations
There are two (2) ways to see projects open for bidding.   
  • Option 1: Login to eProcurement as listed above
  • Option 2: Lynn Imaging, see steps below

How to Order Plans
  • Click the SIGN IN/REGISTER button
  • Click the REGISTER HERE button and enter your company information
  • Click on PUBLIC PROJECTS to view solicitations
  • Select project name
  • Click the ORDER/DOWNLOAD button

Bidding Process
  • All projects will be shown to contractors during a Pre-Bid/Site Tour at the time and location stated in the Solicitation. Contractors meet at the announced location and tour the site with  AML Staff…  
  • Contractor submits a sealed bid, on or before the Bid Receipt Closing date, to the Division of Engineering and Contract Administration in Frankfort, KY, according to the instructions in the Bid packet.
  • Bid Bond – Each bid must be accompanied by a 5% Bid Bond. A certified check can be accepted in lieu of a bid bond.
  • Bids are opened, verified and tabulated. And the results are posted to the Lynn Imaging Planroom Website.
  • The successful low bidder will be reviewed before contract is awarded.
  • The low bidder will receive an Intent to Award Letter and forms. They then have 14 calendar days to send the bonds and insurance that are required. Emergency Projects have 7 days.
  • After all the necessary documentation is received, the contract will be issued.
  • Contractors are not to start work until the contract is issued.
  • A Pre-Construction Meeting, with the contractor, will be held by AML Staff prior to starting the project.

If you have any questions please contact KY AML

AML Contractor Brochure

AMD Drainage repairRetaining Wall

Metal retaining wall

Gabion wall and ditch slide reclamation

Slide reclamation

Slide behind home

Erosion in refuse pile