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Photo by Chris Oelschlager

Land, Air & Water logoLand, Air & Water was a quarterly publication focused on the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet's work to preserve and protect the state's land, air and water resources.  

This 24-page color magazine was distributed to nearly 4,700 subscribers throughout Kentucky and numerous other states.  The publication kept Kentuckians in touch with old and new cabinet programs, changes in environmental regulations and upcoming projects and events.  It also highlights major improvements in mining and brownfields, cleanup efforts at illegal dumps and ways Kentuckians address problems and respond to the needs of their environment. 

Subscribers today wishing to read current issues of what is happening at the Energy & Environment Cabinet can go to and subscribe to our new online Webzine!

For older, printed publications, please click on the appropriate link below to view each issue.


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Volume 27, Number 3July 2016
Volume 27, Number 2April 2016
Volume 27, Number 1January 2016
Volume 26, Number 4October 2015
Volume 26, Number 3July 2015
Volume 26, Number 2April 2015
Volume 26, Number 1January 2015
Volume 25, Number 4October 2014
Volume 25, Number 3July 2014
Volume 25, Number 2April 2014
Volume 25, Number 1January 2014
Volume 24, Number 4October 2013
Volume 24, Number 3June 2013
Volume 24, Number 2April 2013
Volume 24, Number 1January 2013
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