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pdfCWPlans and Specs – CWSRF Fiscal Sustainability Plan Certification.pdf
pdfCWPlans and Specs – CWSRF Memo - Fiscal Sustainability and Cost Effectiveness.pdf
pdfCWPlans and Specs – CWSRF Cost and Effectiveness Certification.pdf
pdfCWPlans and Specs - Wastewater Treatment Plant Application.pdf
pdfCWPlans and Specs - Wastewater Collection System Application.pdf
pdfCW2024 CWSRF Guidance Document.pdf
pdfCW2025 CWSRF Guidance Document.pdf
pdfCW2023 CWSRF Final IUP.pdf
docCW/DWATA Document - Bidder's List Form.doc
pdfCW/DWEnvironmental - EID Guidelines.pdf
pdfCW/DWGreen Project Reserve Guidance Document.pdf
pdfCW/DWATA Document – Clear Site Certificate.pdf
docCW/DWATA Document – Davis-Bacon Contract Award Information.doc
docCW/DWATA Document – DBE Participation Policy.doc
docCW/DWATA Document – Project Review and Cost Summary.doc
docCW/DWATA Document – Project Wage Rate Sheet HUD-4720.doc
pdfCW/DWCloseout Document – Consulting Engineer Construction Certification.pdf
pdfCW/DWCloseout Document – Initiation of Operation Example.pdf
pdfCW/DWCloseout Document – Loan Recipient Construction Certification.pdf
pdfCW/DWDavis-Bacon Conformance Memo.pdf
pdfCW/DWDavis-Bacon Handbook.pdf
pdfCW/DWCloseout Document – Closeout Requirements List.pdf
docCW/DWDavis-Bacon Quarterly Certification – Borrower.doc
docCW/DWDavis-Bacon Quarterly Certification – Contractor.doc
docCW/DWDavis-Bacon Quarterly Certification – Subcontractor.doc
docxCW/DWEnvironmental – Cross-Cutters Checklist.docx
pdfCW/DWPreconstruction Conference Packet.pdf
pdfCW/DWSustainable Infrastructure Brochure.pdf
pdfCW/DWPlans and Specs – Change Order Supplemental Information Form.pdf
pdfCW/DWPlans and Specs – Review Checklist.pdf
pdfCW/DWPlans and Specs – Supplemental General Conditions.pdf
pdfCW/DW2019 SRF Handbook.pdf
xlsxCW/DWCED Checklist 111319.xlsx
pdfCW/DWKentucky State Environmental Review Process (SERP) 2017 2020-07-31 13_51_02.pdf
pdfDWPlans and Specs - Drinking Water Small Systems Application.pdf
pdfDWPlans and Specs - Drinking Water Treatment Plant Application.pdf
pdfDWPlans and Specs - Drinking Water Distribution Application.pdf
pdfDW2024 DWSRF Guidance Document.pdf
pdfDW2025 DWSRF Guidance Document.pdf
pdfDW2023 DWSRF Final IUP.pdf