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The Division of Compliance Assistance (DCA) exists to provide services that increase environmental knowledge and change behaviors.  We do this to improve regulatory compliance, achieve exceptional performance and enhance the quality of Kentucky’s environment and communities.


The Division of Compliance Assistance will influence environmental stewardship throughout Kentucky. Kentucky’s citizens will routinely trust the division as an important source of accurate and timely environmental information. Our proactive and innovative efforts will inspire others to take positive actions that improve the health of our citizens and enhance the quality of our environment.


Certify qualified environmental professionals
We will certify select environmental professionals to maximize appropriate actions and effective operations at regulated locations.

Help entities comply with Kentucky’s environmental requirements
We will assist and educate regulated entities so they understand and comply with their environmental obligations.

Facilitate environmental stewardship
We will assist, educate and encourage Kentucky’s citizens so they make informed choices that value Kentucky’s environment and create healthier, stronger communities.

Need help?

E-mail or call the DCA Help Desk: 502-782-6189