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Between Pine Mountain State Park and Kentucky Ridge State Forest, this wildlife management area consists of forested habitat on the north slope of Pine Mountain and the Cumberland Plateau.  The portion of the management area on the plateau has an extensive history of deep and strip mining going back to the early 1900’s and as recently as 1986.  Consequently this particular forest has been heavily impacted by man and disturbance. It is rough terrain with vegetation dominated primarily by invasive exotic species such as multiflora rose, autumn olive, princess tree and early successional native species such as black and honey locust and red maple.  Other forms of disturbance including at least three rounds of logging, southern pine beetles, frequent fire, the loss of American chestnut and invasive exotic plants have dramatically altered the plant communities.  The best forested communities occur where logging has been the only disturbance on Pine Mountain and those are typically mixed mesophtyic forests dominated by younger trees of sugar maple, yellow buckeye, white basswood, tuliptree, cucumber tree, northern red oak, and bitternut hickory.  The lower slopes are dominated by white oak, American beech, and sugar maple whereas the upper slopes are more mixed oak stands with white, chestnut, scarlet, black, and northern red oaks dominating with some American beech.  Sites above the strip mines are typically dominated by red maple, white oak, and tuliptree.  A total of 314 plant species have been documented as well as 19 amphibian, 14 reptile, 13 mammal, and 123 bird species.


Open to the public daily according to statewide wildlife management area regulations.  Public hunting is available under statewide regulations for all hunting and trapping seasons and open for passive and active recreation including primitive camping, hiking, and picnicking. ATVs are not allowed. From Pineville go north on US 25E to the intersection with Kentucky Highway 92 and turn west (left) and travel 4 miles.  Look for the parking area with signage on the left. Please visit the Kentucky Department of fish and Wildlife Resources website for maps and more information.

Access Type: Open to Public
County: Bell
Region: Southeastern Region
Size: 3782.38
Owner: Kentucky Division of Forestry and Kentucky Department for Fish | Wildlife Resources
Purchased with Assistance of:
Lat: 36.697201
Long: -83.70059
Image of Terrapin Creek

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