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K-12 Outreach Program

Educators are available to visit your classroom, camp, or after-school program in person or virtually about a variety of air quality topics including:

  • Air pollution sources and solutions
  • Air monitoring and Kentucky's air quality 
  • Air quality near and far: Using interactive maps to explore air quality around the world
  • How to start a student-led idle reduction program at your school
  • Mobile sources of air pollution
  • Air quality and health
  • Climate science and carbon cycle
  • Biomonitoring: What plants can tell us about air quality

Lessons are most suitable for upper elementary through high school and can be tailored to your students' needs. Contact Roberta Burnes​ to book your program.

​​​Community Outreach

​​Do you have a neighborhood association, homemaker's group, or other community group that wants to learn more about air quality? Speakers are available to visit your group, virtually or in-person. Contact Roberta Burnes for more information.

Learn Before You Burn

Learn about Kentucky's open burning regulation in this one-hour presentation for fire departments, neighborhood associations, and other community groups. Learn how open burning contributes to air quality problems and what you can do to help.

Educational Traveling Display

The Division for Air Quality’s traveling display is available upon request for conferences, workshops, festivals and other special events on a first-come, first-served basis. A staff person accompanies the display, providing hand-out materials and additional information during the event. Spring and fall are our busiest seasons; please book well in advance to ensure your reservation.

Air Quality Teacher Workshops

The Division for Air Quality offers training and resources for bringing the science of air quality to life in your classroom. Teacher workshops last 4-6 hours and are suitable for teachers of upper elementary through middle school students.

​Contact Roberta Burnes to find out more about any of these programs.

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