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​​​​​​​​Who We Are and What We Do 

The Permit Review Branch issues air permits to regulated sources that emit air pollutants. Permits include requirements and enforceable conditions an owner or operator must follow to comply with applicable air standards.​

The Permit Review Branch is divided into the following specialized sections:

Permit Review Branch Management

Branch Manager:

Administrative Assistant: Felicia Laks

Environmental Scientist Consultant:

Environmental Engineer Consultant: Amy Tempus-Doom

Permit Support

This section reviews permits and permit applications for completeness, enters Pollutants of Concerns data, and ensures public notices are sent out, public hearings are scheduled and permitting packages are submitted to the source and to the EPA, as required.

Section Supervisor:

Administrative Assistant:

Chemical Section

This section issues permits for chemical, petrochemical, plastic, resin, carbon and graphite industries.

Section Supervisor:

Combustion Section

This section issues permits for power plants, distilleries, wood drying, food drying, charcoal, landfill gas-to-energy and bakeries.

Section Supervisor: Vacant

Metallurgy Section

This section issues permits for primary, secondary and miscellaneous metal production (copper smelting, iron foundries, steel industry, aluminum, etc.) and landfills.

Section Supervisor: Vacant

Minerals Section

This section issues permits for nonmetallic minerals, coal, asphalt, concrete, lime and grain plants. 

Section Supervisor:

Surface Coating Section

This section issues permits for industries that use surface coating processes such as automobile and light duty trucks, large appliances, printing and publishing, metal furniture, paper, plastic parts and products, and wood and ship building.

Section Supervisor:

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Civil Rights/Derecho Civiles

The Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, age, disability or sex. This policy protects the rights of Cabinet employees, service applicants and customers. Vendors, agencies and organizations providing services to the Cabinet or its recipients of federally-aided programs also must comply with this policy.