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Program Planning and Administration Branch

Training, Travel, Administrative Support Section

Supervisor - Josh Turner          (502) 782-6794

This section is responsible for personnel-related administration such as training, travel logistics, inventory/surplus oversight, uniforms, Division Safety, and Division Quality.  This section is  also responsible for the administration of purchasing, federal grants, contracts, Memorandums of Agreement, Memorandums of Understanding, ProCard functions, accounts payable, and cash receipts.

Program Development Section

Supervisor - Heather Alexander          (502) 782-6303

This section is responsible for managing planning initiatives and development of regulations, federal grants, division reports, and coordinating the review of proposed bills during legislative session.

Kristina Davis, Manager, PPA Branch

300 Sower Blvd, Frankfort, KY  40601
(502) 782-
Email:  Kristina Davis   

PPA Branch Organizational Chart