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Brownfield Resources

​Brownfield redevelopment takes many forms. Whether revitalizing a riverfront or turning an old school gymnasium into a community center, learning about available resources and how others have succeeded can help provide guidance to others as they tackle properties with an environmental past.

Brownfield Resources
Resource TitleDescription
​The Voluntary Cleanup Program offers four cleanup tracks for volunteers who want to remediate their property.
This i​nterstate and interagency initiative helps those wishing to redevelop brownfield properties in Central Appalachia.
​The PREPARED Workbook provides those redeveloping brownfield properties with in-depth, step-by-step guidance on the process.
This guide from the U.S. EPA provides communities with guidance on how to leverage brownfield grants and other funds in order to make revitalization happen.
​This nonprofit association promotes the redevelopment of brownfield properties.
This publication from the U.S. EPA explains the requirements needed to reach 'No Further Action" in states and territories in the U.S.
​This site is a resource for information regarding financing brownfield projects.
This agency administers a public works grant program and an economic dislocation program that can be used for brownfield rehabilitation.
This website provides Environmental Justice information and metrics for communities across the US. Searches can be customized to particular areas.
​This guide helps interested parties through the process of redeveloping brownfield properties in Kentucky.
This redevelopment primer helps communities that are new to the brownfield redevelopment process.
NALGEP offers informational resources for brownfield redevelopment.
​This agency works in brownfield policy development and serves as an information resource.
This site helps communities with land revitalization issues and offers information on a variety of topics including funding, laws and statutes and redevelopment tools.