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​Permit Application Forms

The permit application forms below were revised in Feb. 2019. Please note: As of July 1, 2019, older versions of these forms are no longer accepted by the division. Please use the forms below for all permit application activities.

Ownership Change Form

DEP7007A - Indirect Heat Exchangers and Turbines

DEP7007AA - Compliance Schedule for Noncomplying Units

DEP7007AI - Administrative Information

DEP7007B - Manufacturing or Processing Operations

DEP7007BB - Certified Progress Report

DEP7007C - Incinerators and Waste Burners

DEP7007CC - Compliance Certification

DEP7007DD - Insignificant Activities

DEP7007EE - Internal Combustion Engines

DEP7007F - Episode Standby Plan

DEP7007FF - Secondary Aluminum Processing

DEP7007GG - Control Equipment

DEP7007HH - Haul Roads

DEP7007J - Volatile Liquid Storage

DEP7007K - Surface Coating or Printing Operations

DEP7007L - Mineral Processes

DEP7007M - Metal Cleaning Degreasers

DEP7007N - Source Emissions Profile

DEP7007P - Perchloroethylene Drycleaning Systems

DEP7007R - Emission Offset Credit

DEP7007S - Service Stations

DEP7007T - Metal Plating and Surface Treatment Operations

DEP7007V - Applicable Requirements and Compliance Activities

DEP7007Y - Good Engineering Practice and Stack Height Determination