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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Governor Beshear Outlines Kentucky E3 Strategy



A New Energy Strategy for Kentucky​​​​​

​​​​​​​​​Governor Andy Beshear, on October 20, 2021, in collaboration with the Energy and Environment Cabinet, announced Kentucky’s energy strategy for a transitioning energy landscape. The strategy is known as KYE3: Designs for a Resilient Economy​​. KYE3 is an energy strategy wrapped in economic development and focused on resilience. KYE3 stands for energy, environment, and economic development, three issues that are inextricably linked.  

KYE3 represents a long term strategic vision for Kentucky’s energy landscape and articulates overarching goals and objectives. The vision for KYE3 is an economy built on our past, answering the needs of today, and equipped for tomorrow’s opportunities.   


KYE3 differs from other strategies in that it is not prescriptive but flexible and built around community engagement and robust choices. Readers may notice that specific action items have not been articulated and that is because KYE3 comes to life when citizens, businesses, and organizations: 

  1. Choose the goals and objectives that resonate and make sense to them, ​
  2. Pick a partner to work with, and
  3. Start working on projects, ideas, and innovations that impact your community and the Commonwealth.  

Moving Forward Together

KYE3 is not an overnight strategy. Some goals will have immediate actions and others will take months to years to develop. It's important to begin working on these issues now and finding pathways forward together. Our success is dependent on every Kentuckian working collaboratively. EEC stands ready to be a partner when needed and to be there for these public-private partnership discussions.

Let Us Hear From You

EEC is taking feedback from Kentuckians about KYE3. Please take some time to review KYE3, and drop us a note using the QR code below or visiting the form​ on what your thoughts and feedback are and how we can work together. Feedback will not be posted online but is subject to open records requests. ​

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