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​Our Mission:

To protect human health and the environment by achieving and maintaining acceptable air quality through:

  • Operation of a comprehensive air monitoring network;
  • Creating effective partnerships with air pollution sources and the public;
  • Timely dissemination of accurate and useful information;
  • The judicious use of program resources; and
  • Maintenance of a reasonable and effective compliance assurance program.

Division Organization:

Director's Office

Michael Kennedy, Director

Rick Shewekah, Assistant Director​

James Morse, Environmental Scientist Consultant Sr.

Kelly Lewis, Environmental Scientist Consultant Sr.​

Roberta Burnes, Environmental Education Specialist

Elly Hixon, Administrative Assistant III

Field Operations Branch

  • Inspects air emissions
  • Operates air quality monitors
  • Enforces state and federal air quality regulations
  • Initiates enforcement action against violators of air quality regulations
  • Receives and investigates air quality complaints
  • Maintains and updates department records concerning citizen complaints, release reporting and emergency response
  • Provides technical assistance and training to the regulated community and the public
  • Inspects asbestos removals and school asbestos management practices
  • Certifies asbestos-abatement professionals
  • Reviews school asbestos management plans
  • Certifies that tank trucks do not leak

 Jarrod Bell, Environmental Control Manager

Leslie Anderson, Administrative Assistant III

Jonathan Barker, Environmental Scientist Consultant

Courtney Shattuck, Environmental Scientist V

Field Support Section

Vacant, Environmental Control Supervisor

Diana Davidson, Complaints Coordinator

Emma Moreo, Asbestos Licensing, Certifications, and School Management Plans

Division for Air Quality Regional Offices and Supervisors

Permit Review Branch

  • Reviews applications from sources requiring permits to discharge pollutants into the ambient air in Kentucky
  • Assists companies subject to state and/or federal air quality regulations by providing guidance during pre-application meetings
  • Issues permits that include all significant emission points and specify conditions under which a company may operate.
  • Provides a 30-day public comment period for major source draft permit

Zachary Bittner​, Environmental Control Manager

Durga Patil, Environmental Scientist Consultant

Section Supervisors

Michelle McCloskey​, Permit Support Section

Hollie Delaney, Chemical Section

Julian Breckenridge, Minerals Section

Zachary Bittner, Combustion Section

Amy Tempus-Doom, Metallurgy Section

Shufang Yang, Surface Coating Section

Program Planning Branch

  • Prepares the State Implementation Plan to achieve and maintain national and state air quality standards
  • Drafts and processes air pollution control regulations
  • Monitors progress toward achieving the division's objectives
  • Measures trends in the reduction of emissions and improvement in air quality
  • Prepares and monitors the division's air quality management plan
  • Evaluates division programs and recommend necessary improvements
  • Prepares and monitors federal grants and division budgets
  • Coordinates administrative functions for the division
  • Prepares and issues emissions inventory reports

Cassandra Jobe, Environmental Control Manager

Leslie Poff, Environmental Scientist Consultant

Kevin Davis​, Environmental Scientist Consultant

Section Supervisors

Gregory "Dane" Ison, Emissions Inventory

James Gilreath, Federal Program Specialist

Lauren Hedge, Evaluation Section

Cassandra Jobe, Regulation Section

Technical Services Branch

  • Plans and supports operation of the air monitoring network
  • Maintains data acquisition network
  • Observes and evaluates tests performed on air pollution sources to determine compliance with air emission standards
  • Conducts quality assurance programs for ambient and in-stack continuous emission monitoring systems
  • Prepares data for the Division for Air Quality annual report
  • Oversees reporting for the Air Quality Index

Wayne Bray​, Environmental Control Manager

Jennifer Miller, Environmental Scientist Consultant​​

Lisa Hicks, Environmental Scientist V​

Rebecca Waddle, Administrative Specialist III

Jenna Nall, Environmental Scientist III

Nathan Puckett, Chemist I

Section Supervisors

Ben Markin, Source Sampling Section

Clayton Sanders​, Quality Assurance Section

Division for Air Quality
300 Sower Boulevard
2nd Floor
Frankfort, KY 40601

Phone: (502) 564-3999
Fax: (502) 564-4245