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Air Quality Awareness Week 2021

In celebration of Air Quality Awareness Week 2021, Kentucky DAQ staff gave a video tour of an air monitoring station in Lexington. Meet some of our environmental scientists and find out how we track air pollution across the commonwealth.

Ozone Season is Here

May 1 – September 30 is Ozone Season in Kentucky, when sunlight and warm weather can cause air pollutants to mix together and create ground-level ozone. Ground-level ozone is a potent pollutant that can cause breathing problems, especially for those with asthma and other lung problems. Read more at the cabinet's webzine, Land, Air & Water.

2020 Annual Report Released

The Division for Air Quality's FY 2020 annual report is now available for viewing. Check it out here: 

Energy and Environment Cabinet Services and COVID-19 In-Person Closings 

As we work together to limit the spread of COVID-19 and protect our customers and employees, we are making every effort to maintain a consistent level of service during extraordinary times while maintaining social distancing protocols. Our goal remains to provide quality service, guidance and resources to the communities we serve. While our offices are closed to the public, our staff is working for you and we are available for your immediate needs. Visit the cabinet's Covid-19 page for more information about each of our offices.

Division for Air Quality COVID-19 Announcements

All division offices are temporarily closed to in-person meetings. Facility inspections will be done on a case-by-case basis according to the on-site visitor policies. Meetings with the public will be done via video conferencing. 

New! Online Asbestos Abatement Orientation

The option to attend the Division for Air Quality’s Asbestos Abatement Orientation online is now available. To register, please email email Emma Moreo. Include in the email a copy of your most recent EPA Supervisor training certificate. Please note that the online orientation instructions will only be sent to an individual’s email address and not a company wide email address.

Air Quality Awareness Week 2020

In celebration of Air Quality Awareness Week 2020, the division has created a new story map aimed at upper elementary students that explores the topic of air pollution and how we measure it in Kentucky. Story maps use Geographic Information System (GIS) tools to combine geospatial maps, photos, video and information to tell a place-based story. Our story map tells the story of air monitoring in Kentucky by focusing on one pollutant, particulate matter, to help students understand how we track air quality. The story map includes an interactive map of Kentucky’s air monitoring network showing what and where we monitor for air pollution across the commonwealth. 

Land, Air, & Water

Read about the Division for Air Quality in the EEC's webzine, Land, Air, & Water.

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