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Funding is now available to conduct Phase I Environmental Site Assessments on properties that may be contaminated with petroleum. These assessments are provided through our Targeted Brownfield Assessment Program to local governments, quasi governments, and nonprofits (501c3). Contact our program staff to find out if your property is eligible and to apply for a free assessment. For more information about our no-cost site assessment services, ​visit Targeted Brownfield Assessments​

​Staff Contacts

Contact the Kentucky Brownfield Redevelopment Program to request a free site assessment and get started on your redevelopment project.

Our staff provides assistance throughout the redevelopment process through:
  • Free Environmental Site Assessments
  • Guidance for Obtaining Liability Protection
  • Guidance for Applying for Financial Aid
  • Brownfield Regulatory Guidance and Project Oversight

Eric Eisiminger, 502-782-6601
Lynn True, 502-782-6484​