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​Save the Date! Kentucky Nature Preserves is throwing  the first annual Nature Summit at Pine Mountain State Resort Park. This event will be held April 24th-26th 2020 and will be a gathering of naturalists of all ages to celebrate and explore the biodiversity in the Pine Mountain region.

Partners from many conservation agencies will be joining forces to host day and night field trips to nearby natural areas focusing on: Herpetology, Birding, Wildflowers, Fire and Forest Management, Water Quality, Invertebrates, Mammals, and much more .

Bring the whole family! There are non-field trip activities that will be hosted at the park all day long on Saturday!

*** Field Trip Option details and Registration Coming Soon***

Friday Evening

Check in and join us for a welcome dinner at the park. Choose from several, optional evening activities like wildlife movie night, presentations, or discussion panels. 


Field Trip Day! Several field trip options will be available soon and transportation will be provided to the destinations. We will be traveling to many different natural areas in the Pine Mountain area to explore its great biodiversity!

For families who do not wish to travel and hike long distances, many non-field trip activities will be held at the park all day long including blue bird box building, Monarch butterfly presentations, children's bird ID, Raptors of Kentucky live animal presentations and more!

Attendees will have the option to participate in exclusive evening activities on the park. We will look for the animals that like to come out at night! hikes will be led by herpetology and entomology experts. 


One optional, on-site field trip at the park will be available Sunday morning before guests check-out. 

Partners and Sponsors

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