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Public Participation

Public participation is an important part of air quality management. This page provides information about upcoming air quality-related public hearings as well as public notices about draft air permit applications and how to comment on them.

Public Hearings

There are no public hearings scheduled at this time.

Public Notices

Public comments offer citizens opportunities to provide input on air quality decision-making. The Clean Air Act and Kentucky statutes include provisions for public input on proposed regulation changes, network plans, state implementation plans, and air permit applications and renewals.

Notice of Public Comment Period: SO2 Data Requirements Rule Annual Report

The Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet (EEC) is proposing a draft annual report for the Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Data Requirements Rule (DRR) for the 2010 1-Hour SO2 National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) established the DRR rule for air agencies to annually characterize current air quality in areas with large sources of SO2 emissions.  

In accordance with 40 CFR 51.102, the EEC is making this proposed plan available for public inspection and providing the opportunity for public comment. The proposed plan and appendices can be found below this notice. The public comment period will be open from Nov. 22, 2021 through Dec. 21, 2021.  Comments should be submitted in writing by mail or email to:   

Ashlee Smither, Environmental Scientist II
​​Evaluation Section, Division for Air Quality
300 Sower Blvd.
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
Phone: (502) 782-4716

Permit Public Notices

The table below lists pending air permits posted for public comment, along with the deadline for providing comments to the Division for Air Quality. 

  • The AI (Agency Interest) is a unique number assigned to permitted facilities in Kentucky.
  • The facility name links to the department’s eSearch database, where you can learn more about the facility.
  • The AFS (Air Facility System) is the federally-issued plant ID number.  
  • The permit number links to the draft permit.
  • The public notice contains information on how to provide public comment on the draft permit.
  • The public comment period is the 30-day timeline for providing public comments to the division. Although public notices may also be published in local newspapers, the date of posting on this website is the official start of the public comment period and determines when the comment period ends.
  • Additional supporting documents may include:
    • Summary
    • Statement of basis
    • Permit application
    • Modeling​

​Facility Name
​Draft Permit
​Comment Period
​Public Notice
​Supporting Documents


​LG&E-Center Storage​
​Start Date: 11-5-21
End Date: 12-5-21
Public Notice
​​Statement of Basis & Summary
​Vuteq USA Kentucky Division

​Start Date: 11-16-21
End Date: 12-16-21
Public Notice
Statement of Basis &

​Texas Gas Transmission Graham Lake

​Start Date: 11-18-21
End Date: 12-18-21
Public Notice
Statement of Basis &


​Southern Graphic Systems
Start Date: 11-18-21
End Date: 12-18-21​
Public Notice
Statement of Basis &

​Nucor Steel Gallatin
​V-20-015 R1
Start Date: 11-19-21
End Date: 12-19-21​
​Public Notice
Statement of Basis &


​MPLX Terminals- Covington
​Start Date: 11-19-21
End Date: 12-19-21
Public Notice
Statement of Basis
​Corning Incorporated
​Start Date: 12-1-21
End Date: 12-31-21
​Public Notice
Statement of Basis