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The mission of the Energy and Utilities/Infrastructure Management Emergency Support Function (ESF) is to coordinate and organize energy resources in preparing for, responding to and recovering from emergency/disaster incidents which impact the citizens of the Commonwealth.  

The scope of this ESF includes:

  • Assessing energy system damage and determining the required resources to restore such energy systems;
  • Coordinating with ESF-12/Energy and Utilities support agencies for assistance in helping energy suppliers obtain information, equipment, specialized labor, fuel and transportation to repair or restore energy systems;
  • Coordinating information with local, state, and federal officials and suppliers about available energy supply recovery assistance;
  • Providing technical assistance concerning energy systems.

    To prepare for an energy emergency, the Department of Energy has developed Community Guidelines for Energy Emergencies and other resources that can help you, when possible, recover power, fuel, and natural gas more quickly, and protect your homes, businesses, and communities from future energy disasters.