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Coal Education Funding

For many years, the Energy and Environment Cabinet, Office of Energy Policy (OEP) has received funds to provide coal education in Kentucky.  Pursuant to KRS 132.020(5) a portion of the funding from the un-mined minerals tax collected each year was to be credited to the OEP for the purpose of public education of coal-related issues, specifically $400,000 each year.

We believe it is important to provide your organization an update on the coal education program status now rather than wait.  Based on the amount of funds deposited into the agency's account, and anticipated revenues between now and the close of the fiscal year, funding will not be available to open an application solicitation for the coal education grants for the fiscal year 2021 beginning in July. Therefore, no awards for the next fiscal year are being considered at this time. 

If the projections are inaccurate and funds are made available, OEP will notify interested parties and post information on the appropriate social media concerning application submittals.  However, at this time, OEP does not believe funds will be available.

If you have any questions, please contact Lona Brewer with the Office of Energy Policy, or (502)782-6899.