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The Energy and Environment Cabinet is now accepting grant proposals for projects that provide public education on coal energy and coal related issues. Applicants who are Kentucky non-profit organizations or public or private post-secondary educational institutions having qualifications and experience in successfully conducting such programs are eligible to apply. Application, Manual, and Budget Justification are located at the links below. Applications are due in our office no later than 4:30p.m. Eastern Time on Monday April 1, 2019. Any applications mailed must be postmarked PRIOR to April 1, 2019.

2018 Budget Justification.xls

Coal Education Grant Application Manual 2019.pdf

2019 Coal Education Grant Application.docx

2019 Coal Education Grant Application Question and Answer.pdf

1547 Workshop in KY

The new IEEE 1547-2018 lays out a set of options for deployment that may be selected based on system considerations and goals. The updated standards require distributed energy resources to provide specific grid supportive functionalities.  This workshop will review the standard and discuss how states, utilities, and industry professionals will want to consider how default settings might be applied, or whether and when it's appropriate to deviate from default settings based on a DER project's level of interconnection review. The workshop is offered free of charge through a State Energy Program grant between IEEE and the Kentucky Office of Energy Policy. Come learn how integrating the new standard into interconnection processes sooner rather than later will ensure ample time to navigate some of the more complex issues. Save the date for April 18, 2019. Registration details coming soon.