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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Kentucky Brownfield Sites

Brownfield properties are found in neighborhoods and communities across the state. Although the state maintains a Kentucky Brownfield Inventory, it is not a comprehensive list of sites. The inventory consists primarily of properties that are receiving, or have received, assessments and/or cleanups under federal brownfield funding to states or local government entities. While the brownfield inventory is a valuable planning tool for land use, it is important to understand that it is a living document that is updated regularly as site specific information becomes available. 

​Below you will find links to local, state, and federal resources that can help you identify some of the brownfield sites in Kentucky. 

Local Resources

Brownfield Area Benefit Estimator (BABE)​
This tool, developed by the University of Louisville, is a web app that collects and manages baseline property conditions. It is designed to be used by communities to project and track benefits associated with brownfields redevelopment. 

State Resources

Kentucky Brownfield Inventory

This list, maintained by the Kentucky Brownfield Program, includes properties that are receiving, or have received, assessments and/or cleanups under under the state program. To view or obtain copies of Kentucky's Brownfield Inventory, you must file an open records request.  

Kentucky State Superfund List 

This is a list of sites where a release or threatened release of hazardous substances has occurred and the state provided oversight for the investigation and remediation of the sites. Not all of the sites on this list are brownfields.  ​​Note: ​The sites on the Superfund List are for identification purposes only and they should not be taken to represent responsibility or culpability of the businesses or individuals associated with the name. Potential purchasers are advised to conduct All Appropriate Inquiries, also known as a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, on any property that has suspected or known contamination.

Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development - Available Sites and Buildings

​This database, maintained by the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development, includes sites and buildings in Kentucky available for development or expansion. The listed sites may or may not have environmental concerns. 

Federal Resources 

Cleanups in My Community​
This mapping tool, maintained by EPA, enables the user to map or list hazardous waste cleanup locations and brownfield grantees.   

RE-Powering America's Land - EPA 

​This web tool from EPA maps current and formerly contaminated land and mine sites and identifies their potential for redevelopment and generating various types of renewable energy. 

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