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​This 1,017-acre property, located in Harlan County, was dedicated on Dec. 8, 2004, and is jointly managed by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (KDFWR) and the KNP. This preserve was established to protect rare species and high-quality examples of the natural communities occurring on Stone Mountain’s north face. Public ownership also provides opportunities for wildlife and nature-related recreation and education. Dedication and management of this area help to protect at least nine rare plant species that have been documented there, including Appalachian sedge (Carex appalachica), rock harlequin (Corydalis sempervirens), Fraser's sedge (Cymophyllus fraserianus), tufted hairgrass (Deschampsia caespitosa), showy gentian (Gentiana decora), variable-leaved heartleaf (Hexastylis heterophylla), jointed rush (Juncus articulatus), southern bog clubmoss (Lycopodiella appressa) and mountain decumbent goldenrod (Solidago caesia var. curtisii).


There are multiple points of access to this site. For maps and more information, please visit KDFWR's website. 

Access Type: Open to Public
County: Harlan
Region: Southeastern Region
Size: 1017
Owner: Office of Kentucky Nature Preserves | Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources

Purchased with Assistance of:
Lat: 36.761373
Long: -83.13831
Image of Terrapin Creek

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