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KNP botanists, zoologists, land managers, and data managers work with others to protect our natural heritage and educate Kentuckians about its importance.  Board members provide oversight on the KHLCF program and the nature preserve dedication process.

All staff can be reached by contacting:

Office of Kentucky Nature Preserves
300 Sower Boulevard
4th Floor
Frankfort, KY 40601


Phone: 502-573-2886
Fax: 502-564-7484

‚ÄčThe following offers a list of staff along with areas of expertise and their direct contact information as well as the board members.

Director's Office
NameTitleEmailArea of Responsibility
Zeb WeeseExecutive DirectorEmailPolicy, Public Affairs, Legislative Issues, Strategic Planning and Staff Supervision
Judy CunninghamFiscal SpecialistEmailBudget, Purchasing, Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable, Inventory/Facility Management
Stephanie EllisInternal Policy Analyst IIIEmailHeritage Land Conservation Fund program administration
Biological Assessment Branch
NameTitleEmailArea of Responsibility
Martina HinesBiological Assessment Branch ManagerEmailBranch and biological inventory coordination, staff supervision
Mike ComptonAquatic ZoologistEmailMonitoring of fishes, mussels, crayfishes, and aquatic snails; streams and wetlands
Shelby FultonTerrestrial ZoologistEmailMonitoring of insects, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and turtles
Nour SalamData ManagerEmailKY-BAT and Biotics 5 administration and support, GIS Products and Support, Data Quality/Data Assurance, Data Agreements
Natural Areas Branch
NameTitleEmailArea of Responsibility
Josh LillpopNatural Areas Branch ManagerEmailCoordinate habitat conservation, management, and monitoring at nature preserves, natural areas, heritage lands, and wild rivers; staff supervision
Kyle NapierPine Mountain ManagerEmailManagement of nature preserves, natural areas, and wild rivers within the Pine Mountain region
Brent FrazierLand Protection SpecialistEmailLand acquisition, conservation easement inspections, land protection options, registry of private natural lands
Heather DoolinGreen River ManagerEmailManagement of nature preserves, natural areas, and wild rivers within the Green River region
Cliff HullCumberland Plateau ManagerEmailManagement of nature preserves, natural areas, and wild rivers within the Cumberland Plateau Region
Maddy HerediaHeritage Lands Outreach SpecialistEmailCoordinates outreach, environmental education, and volunteers; monitors conservation easements and assists with KHLCF program
Doug WilderNatural Areas Trails ManagerEmailCoordinates hiking trail construction and maintenance and other infrastructure on natural areas.
VacantNatural Areas TechnicianAssists with management of natural areas
Plant Conservation Section
NameTitleEmailArea of Responsibility
Tara LittlefieldRare Plant Program Manager & BotanistEmailCoordinates rare plant monitoring and management, coordinates Kentucky's Section 6 Endangered Species Act program for plants, performs botanical inventories
Brian YahnBotanistEmailNative plant monitoring, botanical inventories
Devin RodgersBotanistEmailNative plant monitoring, botanical inventories
Heidi BraunreiterBotanistEmailNative plant monitoring, botanical inventories
Board Members
NameTitleEmailArea of Responsibility
Zeb WeeseChairmanEmailRepresenting the Office of Kentucky Nature Preserves
Dr. Richard KesslerVice-ChairmanEmailRepresenting the Kentucky Academy of Sciences
Carl BreedingTreasurerRepresenting citizens of the Commonwealth with expereince in land acquisition
Ted JessupMemberRepresenting agricultural interests
Hugh ArcherMemberEmailRepresenting environmental organizations
Dr. Paul SheetsMemberRepresenting the League of Kentucky Sportsmen
Commissioner John SmallMemberEmailRepresenting the Kentucky Department for Natural Resources
VacantMemberRepresenting the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources
Commissioner Donnie HollandMemberEmailRepresenting the Kentucky Department of Parks