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Welcome to our virtual Brownfield Grant Writing workshop. Here, videos and links are provided to help navigate you through resources that will help you write your EPA Multipurpose, Assessment, Revolving Loan Fund or Cleanup (MARC) grant.


Getting Started: Resources for Successful Submission

Brownfields 101-Redevelopment for Resiliency: Transforming Brownfield Sites


Learn how to enhance economic development outcomes by utilizing redevelopment approaches to transform brownfield sites, as well as give an introduction to the overall Brownfield Program. Examples of successful projects are highlighted.


NJIT TAB - Getting an Early Start on Your EPA MARC Grant Application

A detailed look at steps to get you started early to apply for EPA Brownfield grant funding.


Grant Writing

EPA FY2021 MAC Grant Guideline Outreach Webinar

The official MAC Grant guideline webinar from the federal Environmental Protection Agency for the FY 2021. This is a detailed review of grant guidelines, any changes and specific requirements need to submit a successful grant application. Requires WebEx Installation to view.

EPA FY21 Grant Resources:

MAC Grant Changes
MAC Grant Frequently Asked Questions
Assessment Grant Submission Checklist
Cleanup Grant Submission Checklist
Multipurpose Grant Submission Checklist


2019 National TAB EZ and Grantwriting Tips Webinar

In this webinar, produced by the EPA Technical Assistance to Brownfield Centers, viewers get an overview of the brownfield program as well as an introduction to the KSU TAB EZ grant writing tool.


Project Description

Brownfield Grants Clean Up Contaminated Properties

Learn how EPA's Brownfields Program targets communities that are economically disadvantaged and provides funding and assistance to transform blighted sites into assets that can generate jobs and spur economic growth.


Local Foods, Local Places: Corbin, Kentucky Case Study

A video showing the outcomes of a local farmers market on a community. This can be an example of the sustainability connection for brownfield site redevelopment. What if a small farmers market (hosted on a vacant lot?) can spur business development and fill vacant buildings in your downtown?


​How a Superfund Site Gets Cleaned Up: Fletcher’s Paint Case Study

Superfund sites are not eligible for brownfield program funding, however, this video is a great example of the factors to consider when selecting specific brownfield sites in your area and how to describe the effect of that brownfield(s) on the area around the property. Consider these factors when writing your project description narrative.




Learn the process of mapping a neighborhood for potential brownfield sites and then following up with community residents. This video shows how the process works in a residential neighborhood, but the same concept can be applied to commercial buildings and other properties.

The Community Engagement Song

This short and sweet song provides step-by-step approached to community engagement that works.


Brownfields Teamwork and Success

The United States Environmental Protection Agency assists communities in redeveloping brownfield properties. The role of teamwork and partnerships between communities, the private sector and government is key because of the complexity of brownfield site redevelopment.


Costs, Measures and Capability

My Fed Trainer Channel Video Homepage Channel is a resource for grant managers and grant professional managing federal grants and other types of awards at state, local, and tribal governments, nonprofit organizations and institutions of higher education.





​Need help?

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