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The Division of Compliance Assistance (DCA) exists to provide services that increase environmental knowledge and encourage behavioral changes. We do this to improve regulatory compliance, achieve exceptional performance and enhance the quality of Kentucky’s environment and communities. Below we have our training opportunities for both online and in-person learning. If you would like to request a specific training topic or attend one of our workshops, contact us today!

Operator Certification Training
Training Schedules
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​E-mail or call the DCA Help Desk: 502-782-6189

DCA Training Events
Course NameDateLocation

Energy and Environment Cabinet, Training Room A
300 Sower Boulevard, 1st Floor
Frankfort, KY 40601

Self-Paced Online Learning
Module TitleDescription

​This self-paced learning module explains the Annual Compliance Certification (ACC) reporting requirements and how to accurately calculate and submit the required data. 

​This module explains the Semi-Annual Monitoring Report (SAMR) reporting requirements, the data it must include and how and when to submit. 

​This module will help those who are new to working with an air permit or those who need a refresher understand what is required of a facility. 

Steam is a wonderful thing. Everyday this gaseous state of water is used by manufacturers and other industries throughout the Commonwealth. To assist steam using entities in Kentucky, the Division of Compliance Assistance and the Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center have partnered together to bring you this online learning module.

This module contains a general overview of how to reduce a facility’s energy demand and energy costs.

This module presents the basics of how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through everyday activities, heating and cooling and planting a tree. This is a general overview in order to create a green footprint.