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​​​​​Mining Certification Forms​​​

Click on the links below to access the documents you need.  Make sure to follow the directions on completing each document accurately:   

Drug Test Reporting DTR-1

Notification of an Occupational Injury EB-83

Mine License EB-4

Private Instructor Notification of Training

Surface and Underground Foreman, Surface and Underground Instructor, Assistant Foreman and Inspector  Personal Data Sheet and Affidavit

Blaster Solid Conventional Affidavit  Affidavit - Solid Blasting

Electrical Affidavit Electrical Affidavit

Hoist Engineer Personal Data Sheet and Affidavit

MET Training EF-16 MET Retraining

MET Application for Initial Training EF-18 MET Initial 40-hour Course EF-18

Application for Miner Certification EG-47 Application for Miner Certification EG-47

Certified EMT or certified EMT instructors who are exempted from challenging the MET examination​ Application for MET Certification EF-17

Class Enrollment Form for Private and Contract Instructors EF-6A​ Class Enrollment 

MSHA Form 5000-23 MSHA Form 5000-23​