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Dedicated Sept. 26, 1983, Cumberland Falls State Park Nature Preserve is located in McCreary and Whitley counties. The dedicated nature preserve encompasses approximately 1,294 acres within the boundaries of Cumberland Falls State Resort Park. This preserve protects several species of rare plants and animals. In addition, a number of waterfalls are located within the preserve including Cumberland Falls, which plummets 67 feet into a rocky gorge.

  • Features - waterfalls, rare plant and animal species, scenic views
  • Access - 4.5 miles of trail over uneven terrain, moderate to strenuous
  • Facilities - state resort park
  • Parking - limited at trailheads; parking areas within short walk
  • Hazards - steep cliffs, waterfalls, venomous snakes (rare)
  • Activities - hiking, nature study, geological study, birding, etc.
  • Directions - Whitley and McCreary counties. From the junction of I-75 and U.S. 25W S.W. of Corbin, follow 25W for 14.5 miles. Turn right onto KY 90 for 8.8 miles to reach the falls/Cumberland Falls State Resort Park Lodge area.

State nature preserves located within Kentucky state parks are special places with different management priorities. While the parks are there primarily for public recreation, the acreage that has been dedicated as a nature preserve is set aside for the rare, threatened or endangered species and communities that occur there. KNP is focused on management for these species and communities while providing opportunities for scientific research and nonconsumptive recreation. For information concerning use of state park facilities, programs, recreation opportunities and lodging please visit the Cumberland Falls State Resort Park Web site.


The Cumberland River, designated as a Kentucky Wild River, flows through the preserve, and an additional 119 acres was added to the park by the Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation Fund.

Access Type: Open to Public
County: McCreary
Region: Eastern Region
Size: 1,413 acres
Owner: Kentucky State Parks
Purchased with Assistance of:
Lat: 36.83944
Long: -84.339356
Image of Terrapin Creek

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