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​​​Established in 1990, the  Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation Fund (KHLCF) is the primary source of state funding for the purchase and management of natural areas.  It is used to purchase land from willing sellers for nature preserves, state parks, state forests, wildlife management areas, environmental education areas, wild rivers and wetlands. The KHLCF Board protects each site in perpetuity with a conservation easement or deed restriction. Legislation established four priorities for land conservation:

  • Areas that are a habitat for rare and endangered species.
  • Areas important to migratory birds.
  • Areas that perform important natural functions that are subject to alteration or loss.
  • Areas to be preserved in their natural state for public use, outdoor recreation and education.

Revenue for the fund primarily comes from the sale of Kentucky nature license plates, unmined minerals tax on coal, and environmental fines. The Kentucky Environmental Education Council receives the first $150,000 of environmental fines each year for environmental education programs.

​​KHLCF Board Meetings

​​The Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation Fund Board meets quarterly to review: new project applications, compliance items, Final Resource Management Plans, and other board business. Please see the KHLCF 2023 Dates​ for application deadlines and board meeting dates. ​

​Watch Kentucky Naturally

This 30 minute WKU-PBS special on the KHLCF was produced in 2017, and features a variety of KHLCF sites - from Ballard County Wildlife Management Area to the Green River's Wild River Corridor to Audubon State Park to Pine Mountain's State Nature Preserves!

Kentucky Nature License Plates

Kentucky Nature License Plates

Purchase Nature Plates for your vehicle. Money from the sale of the plate goes into a fund for purchasing natural areas to be left as wild places held in trust for future generations.

Kentucky Nature License Plates
KHLCF aquired property


Information on KHLCF applications for funding and management resources.

KHLCF Applications

​Board Meetings

KHLCF Board meeting dates can be found on the Events page.  For meeting information, contact