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​​​How to File an Illegal Dumping Complaint

To file an illegal dumping complaint, call Caleb Hadden​ at 502-782-5752, e-mail or contact your DWM Regional Offices. For 24-hour environmental emergency response, call 800-928-2380.

What information is needed to act on my complaint?

  • Address or location of the alleged source including street or intersection, city, and county.
  • A description of the problem.
  • The time when you first observed the problem.
  • The frequency and duration of the problem.
  • Any other information you may have that might help the inspector in his/her investigation​.

What happens next​​​?​​​​

  • Your complaint is logged into the complaints database and assigned to a field inspector.
  • The inspector visits the area of the suspected source to investigate the complaint.
  • If the inspector determines that waste management regulations have been violated, the inspector documents the violation.
  • If a violation occurred, the inspector works with the responsible party to correct the problem.
  • Many problems not rising to the level of a violation are nevertheless corrected through cooperative efforts between the inspector and responsible party.​

Can I make an anonymous complaint?

  • ​Yes. If you do not want to provide a name, phone number or address, you can request to remain anonymous. Only pertinent information about the complaint will be recorded. If you wish to obtain information about the status of a complaint investigation, division staff will provide you with an incident number, and learn about the status or outcome of the complaint investigation. 
  • If you do not wish to remain anonymous, your contact information will be recorded in the database. This information allows the division to contact you quickly for additional information about the complaint, as needed, or for notification of the outcome of the complaint investigation.

​After-Hours Complaints

  • ​Inspectors do not have to witness the illegal dumping in order to begin an investigation. If your complaint is in the evening or on a weekend or holiday, call 502-782-5752 and leave a voicemail message with as much information as possible about the issue. If you wish for someone to contact you, leave your name and phone number.
  • On the next working day, the complaint will be logged and assigned​ to an inspector for investigation.​

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