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​​​​​​ This preserve protects a unique dolomite-limestone glade and barrens system, now rare in Kentucky. Kentucky gladecress (Leavenworthia exigua var. laciniata), a state endangered and federally threatened species, occurs at the preserve. It is endemic to Bullitt and Jefferson counties, growing nowhere else in the world. This gladecress population was first conserved with a 23-acre tract on June 27, 2003.  Additional acres were purchased and dedicated as Apple Valley Glades State Nature Preserve on June 14, 2012. The small rocky glade openings scattered among cedar and oak woodlands contain other rare plant species, including Crawe’s sedge (Carex crawei) and Ringseed rush (Juncus filipendulus). 

Access is by written permission only at this time, although plans are underway to install a hiking trail once habitat restoration efforts are completed..

Access Type: Research Only
County: Bullitt
Region: Bluegrass Region
Size: 60
Owner: Office of Kentucky Nature Preserves

​Office of Kentucky Nature Preserves

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Image of Terrapin Creek

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