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​​​​​Cleaner Commonwealth Fund (CCF)

In 2012, the Kentucky Brownfield Program was granted funds from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to establish a revolving loan fund for brownfield cleanups in Kentucky. This fund, known as the Cleaner Commonwealth Fund (CCF), helps public entities and nonprofit (501c3) organizations address pollutants at brownfield properties. A portion of the funds is designated for low-interest or no-interest loans, while the other portion is designated for grants.

Site eligibility closely follows federal EPA brownfield grant requirements:

  • ​A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment adhering to EPA's All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI) rules must be performed no longer than six months prior to the purchase of the property.  
  • The owner/applicant cannot be a responsible party for causing the contamination.
  • The loan recipient must have a cleanup plan approved by the cabinet. The plan does not have to be in place at the time of application, however, the plan must be approved before cleanup costs are reimbursed. 

CCF Now Accepting Loan Applications

The Kentucky Brownfield Program is currently accepting applications for CCF loans​​. The program has $250,000 for hazardous waste and $100,000 for petroleum cleanup loans. Entities can qualify for partial loan forgiveness under certain circumstances. Debt can be financed up to 15 years and interest rates range from 0%-2% depending on the project and the entity applying.  Loans are available to local governments and nonprofit entities. See the loan guide for more details on eligible entities, properties and loan terms. Applications will be accepted on a monthly basis until funds are exhausted. Applications received during the month will be considered at the beginning of the following month. Potential applicants are encouraged to contact the program to discuss eligibility and current availability of funds before applying.

CCF Now Accepting Grant Applications 
(for Petroleum Cleanups)

The Kentucky Brownfield Program is currently accepting applications for CCF grants for qualifying petroleum cleanup projects until funds are exhausted. The CCF will be issuing up to $100,000 in funds and expects to award 1-2 grants that will assist with the cleanup and redevelopment of petroleum impacted properties. Applicants must qualify as a Bona Fide Prospective Purchaser (BFPP)​ and the property must meet eligibility requirements. The program strongly advises interested parties review the request for proposal and to contact a staff person to determine eligibility before applying. Projects should be cleanup ready.

Need help?

E-mail or call the Brownfield Help Desk: 502-564-0323