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Due to COVID-19, Olive Hill Lake is closed to the public until further notice.

This property was purchased because it lies immediately adjacent to the reservoir that supplies water to the city of Olive Hill and it serves as a buffer to protect water quality.  The 40 to 60 year old upland forest, with some selected timber harvesting, is mostly dominated by various oaks including chestnut, scarlet, black, white, northern red, and shingle; and hickories primarily pignut and shagbark.  Other co-dominant trees include tuliptree, black cherry, sassafras, black gum, sourwood, white ash, American beech, sugar and red maples and southern pines.  No rare threatened, or endangered species occur on the property but it does serve as an important regional migratory corridor for birds because of the water source and adjoining forests.  More than 69 species of plants have been documented and typical upland woodland wildflowers like dwarf crested iris can be seen in the spring time.  It is home to a variety of amphibians and water loving creatures because of the shallow water near the back of the reservoir.

The City of Olive Hill is a Kentucky Trail Town.  


Access Type: By Appointment Only
County: Carter
Region: Eastern Region
Size: 214.64
Owner: City of Olive Hill

​City of Olive Hill under a KHLCF conservation easement

Purchased with Assistance of:
Lat: 38.3133
Long: -83.2143
Image of Terrapin Creek

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