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​​​​​​Energy Saving Basics

Did you know that, on average, 30% of energy used by Kentucky single-family homes can be saved through cost-effective improvements! To learn more about Kentucky's energy efficiency potential please visit the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's fact sheet.

Everyone uses energy—for transportation, cooking, heating and cooling rooms, manufacturing, lighting, entertainment, and many other uses. The choices people make about how they use energy affects the environment and everyone’s lives. 

Become energy efficient. You can reduce the amount of energy that you use to perform a particular task through efficient technologies/methodologies. Some examples are:
  • ENERGY STAR certified appliances
  • LED light bulbs
  • ​Better insulating your home or buisness
  • Utilizing high-efficiency air conditioning, such as a heat pump
  • Vehicles with higher miles per gallon
  • Home weatherization 
  • Utilizing your electric utility's conservation programs​

Conserve energy. You can reduces energy use by changing your behavior or lifestyle. Examples include:
  • ​Carpooling or using mass transit
  • Turning thermostats down in winter and up in summer
  • Utilizing natural light
  • Unplugging appliances when they are not in use

Know your strengths and weaknesses. Becoming aware of how you use energy is the first step to identifying ways to reduce consumption and costs. Take advantage of on-line tools to assess your energy use. On-site energy audits by a qualified energy professional are another way to pinpoint opportunities to save energy and reduce costs.

Be Bill Smart. Have you ever wondered how your electricity bill is calculated? The Office of Energy Policy can walk you through a sample bill in the Consumer Energy Management and Access Guide.    
Be sure to contact your local utility provider for assistance. In addition, utility websites offer helpful energy saving tips and resources for both residential and commercial customers that are specific to where you live.  

Explore US Department of Energy's ​​Energy Savings Hub to learn more ways to save at home and on the road.

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