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Conservation Forms Library
DownloadProgram or Type
Annual Budget.xlsAdministrative Documents
Certificate of Attendance for District Meetings.docAdministrative Documents
Direct Aid Grant Worksheet.docAdministrative Documents
District Employee Evaluation Form.docAdministrative Documents
District Employee Timesheet.xlsAdministrative Documents
District Reimbursable Travel.xlsAdministrative Documents
Meeting Agenda.docAdministrative Documents
Performance Evaluation Form.xlsAdministrative Documents
Sample Personnel Policy Handbook.docAdministrative Documents
Supervisor Vacancy Petition Form.docAdministrative Documents
Treasurer's Report Template.xlsAdministrative Documents
Disposal of Records Schedule.docAdministrative Documents
Art Contest Certificate.docAdministrative Documents
Conservation Writing Certificate.docAdministrative Documents
Conservation District Emergency Response Plan.docxAdministrative Documents
Installing Chart of Accounts.pptAdministrative Documents
Equipment Control Form.docAdministrative Documents
Art and Writing Teacher Award.docAdministrative Documents
Legal Notice 2014.docAdministrative Documents
District in Good Standing Requirements.docAdministrative Documents
Chart of Accounts.xlsAdministrative Documents
Supervisor Vacany Petition Form.docAdministrative Documents
District in Good Standing Report Card for 2018-2019.docxAdministrative Documents
Ag District Recertification Survey.docAg District Documents
Petition to Establish Ag District.docAg District Documents
Tracking Form.docAg District Documents
Ag Water Quality Act Self Certification Form.pdfAg Water Quality Act Documents
Ag Water Quality Plan Certification Tracking.xlsAg Water Quality Act Documents
Cooperator of the Year Application.docAward Applications
Master Conservationist Score Sheet.docAward Applications
Outstanding Conservation District Award Application.docAward Applications
Teacher of the Year Award Application.docAward Applications
Teacher of the Year Award Instructions.docAward Applications
Outstanding Conservation Education Award Application.docAward Applications
Equipment Loan Application Form, revised 08-04.pdfEquipment/Infrastructure Loan Documents
Infrastructure Loan Application Form.docEquipment/Infrastructure Loan Documents
Equipment Loan Monthly Reporting Form.docEquipment/Infrastructure Loan Documents
Accounting and Administrative Procedures Manual.docPublications
Kentucky Erosion and Sedimentation Control Field Guide.pdfPublications
Updated Conservation District Supervisors' Handbook.pdfPublications
2019 Letter George Crafton.docScholarship Documents
2019 Letter Natural Resources.docScholarship Documents
2019 Rules and Instructions George Crafton.docScholarship Documents
2019 Score Sheet George Crafton.docScholarship Documents
2019 Application Betty Barrick.docScholarship Documents
2019 Application George Crafton.docScholarship Documents
2019 Letter Betty Barrick.docScholarship Documents
CREP State Cost Share Incentive Payment Calculator.docState Cost Share Documents
Kentucky SCS Monthly Report Form.xlsState Cost Share Documents
Kentucky SCS Request Form Name Change.docState Cost Share Documents
Kentucky SCS Request Form.docState Cost Share Documents
KWP4 Performance and Maintenance Agreement.docState Cost Share Documents
State Cost Share News Release.docState Cost Share Documents
State Cost Share Spot Check Form.docState Cost Share Documents