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Steve CrosmanThe Steve Crosman Award for Outstanding Environmental Professionalism is awarded each year to recognize those individuals who value professionalism in their work and see the importance of providing quality service to the citizens of the Commonwealth. Steve, a trainer with the Certification and Licensing Branch who passed away in December 2011, specialized in water systems operations and was well-known and respected in the water and wastewater communities. This award celebrates the ideas and values that Steve promoted through his work as a trainer and operator.

To be eligible for this award, individuals must:

  1. Be an operator certified by the Kentucky Division of Compliance Assistance.
  2. Have maintained a license in good standing for the past five years.
  3. Have substantially enhanced the operator profession and Kentucky's environment through voluntary actions, such as mentoring other operators, educating the community about topics important to the profession or engaging in environmental projects that enhance the quality of life for Kentucky's citizens.

The nominations period for the next Steve Crosman Award will be open in Summer of 2019. Any questions may be directed to or by calling 502-564-0323.