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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Draft Regional Haze SIP Available for Public Comment

The Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet (Cabinet) here​​by gives notice regarding its pre-hearing draft of the Regional Haze State Implementation Plan (SIP) for Kentucky’s Class I area (Mammoth Cave National Park) for the Second Planning Period (2019-2028).  This pre-hearing draft SIP was prepared in accordance with the Federal Regional Haze Rule provisions specified in 40 CFR 51.308(f) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s guidance for implementing the rule to comply with Section 169 of the Clean Air Act, as amended in 1990.  On August 9, 2022, the Cabinet submitted the draft plan to Federal Land Managers (FLMs) from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, National Park Service, and U.S. Forest Service.  Comments from the U.S. Forest Service and National Park Service were received on October 10, 2022 and October 11, 2022, respectively.  These comments are being made available to the public as part of the prehearing submittal.  The FLM’s comments and the Cabinet’s responses are located in Appendix H.​​​​

In accordance with 40 CFR 51.102, the Cabinet is making this proposed plan available for public inspection and provides the opportunity for public comment. The public comment period will be open from June 4, 2024 through July 11, 2024, and the Cabinet has scheduled a virtual public hearing to receive comments on July 11, 2024 at 10 AM. Please refer to the public notice below or visit the Public Notices page​​ for complete details on how to register for the public hearing and provide public comment.

Public Notice and Draft SIP

Draft Regional Haze SIP Appendices
pdfAppendix A1-A3_Project Reports.pdf
pdfAppendix B1-B3_Emissions Preparation & Process.pdf
pdfAppendix C_Monitoring, Meteorological, & Other Data.pdf
pdfAppendix D1_Area of Influence Analysis.pdf
pdfAppendix D2_AoI & HYSPLIT Graphics for VISTAS & Nearby Class I Areas.pdf
pdfAppendix E1a_Vistas Modeling Protocol For SIP.pdf
pdfAppendix E1b_Modeling Protocol Update For SIP.pdf
pdfAppendix E2a_BMR1 Runs 1 and 2 For SIP.pdf
pdfAppendix E2b_BMR2 Run3 For SIP.pdf
pdfAppendix E2c_BMR3 Run5 For SIP.pdf
pdfAppendix E2d_BMR4 Run4 For SIP.pdf
pdfAppendix E2e_BMR5 Run6 For SIP.pdf
pdfAppendix E2f_BMR6 Run7 For SIP.pdf
pdfAppendix E3_MPE PM and RH For SIP.pdf
pdfAppendix E4_MPE Deposition For SIP.pdf
pdfAppendix E5_MPE Ozone For SIP.pdf
pdfAppendix E6_Future Year Model Projections For SIP.pdf
pdfAppendix E7a_PSAT Model Results For SIP.pdf
pdfAppendix E7b_Roadmap for PSAT Scaled Adjustments for SIP.pdf
pdfAppendix E8_SMAT 2028 Bulk For SIP.pdf
pdfAppendix F1_VISTAS State to VISTAS State Consultation.pdf
pdfAppendix F2_VISTAS state to NonVISTAS state consultation.pdf
pdfAppendix F3_EPA_FLM_Stakeholder_Outreach_Presentation.pdf
pdfAppendix F4_Consultation with MANE-VU.pdf
pdfAppendix G_KY Reasonable Progress Assessments.pdf
pdfAppendix H_Comments and Responses.pdf
xlsxAppendix_E-6_APP_A_ag_v6_40.2028elv5.vistas_12_SESARM (4 Sept 2020).xlsx
xlsxAppendix_E-7b_VISTAS AOI Data Summary.xlsx
xlsxAppendix_E-7b_VISTAS Emissions 2028 Comparisons Remodeling 200902.xlsx
xlsxAppendix_E-7b_VISTAS PSAT Percent Contribution Rankings 02-09-2021 calcs.xlsx
xlsxAppendix_E-7b_VISTAS PSAT Percent Contribution Rankings 02-09-2021.xlsx
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