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Class Cancellations and Reschedules

Because of current events the Certification and Licensing Branch has had to cancel and/or reschedule several training/testing events.

  • Online Training: As indoor, group activities such as our training courses still carry risk, the division will seek to use online methods of education delivery until the situation allows us to safely resume some form of in-person instruction. The division anticipates offering online education services beginning in July and will likely use that format for the foreseeable future.

  • CEU Class Enrollees: DCA is rescheduling those who have enrolled in continuing education courses that were to be held June 16-17 and June 24-25. The Division is working on providing online substitutions for these before Aug. 31 when the renewal waiver is currently set to expire.  Staff will contact those enrolled soon with details. 

  • New Training Schedule: DCA will issue a new training and testing schedule in the near future.  Because we are training online, the division may change the traditional time format of classes.  For instance, our certification courses, which are typically held over 3 days with 6-hours of training per day, may be changed to 4-5 days of 3-4 hours of online instruction. 

  • Testing: DCA is looking at ways to safely resume operator exams. Please be patient as there is a backlog of people who need testing services, but our ability to test in large numbers is limited.  The division is looking at events in Frankfort initially and expanding in areas across the state as we identify testing locations and outline procedures to conduct exams safely.  Look for more information about testing in late June and early July.

  • License Application and Class Registration: As soon as our new training schedule has been created and testing events scheduled, DCA will resume taking class registrations and license applications. 

The Operator Certification Program offers multiple continuing education courses across the Commonwealth that can be used for renewal purposes. In addition to the continuing education courses, the branch also provides certification preparatory training during its certification schools. Department data shows that operators who attend the certification preparatory training have a greater success rate passing the examination than those operators who do not attend the certification preparatory training.

The Certification and Licensing Branch publishes a training schedule (see quick links) each year that contains a list of certification schools and exam-only events offered throughout the calendar year. Continuing education courses will be scheduled in six-month increments. This gives the program flexibility to offer courses that are important to operators and address new topics or issues as they arise.

Solid waste training is held annually in Frankfort for landfill, landfarm and compost operators. See the solid waste web page for more information.  


Is training available through external providers?

Certified operators may also obtain their continuing education from an external training provider. The training must be approved by the cabinet and the appropriate certification board before the operator will be given credit for the training hours.


How do I register for training provided by the Certification and Licensing Branch?

Individuals may register for any training event provided by the Certification and Licensing Branch by registering electronically through the cabinet website using the E-Search link or by submitting the Registration Form for Exams and Training. The electronic process eliminates the hassle of completing the registration form and mailing checks. 


Where can I locate a copy of the Registration Form for Exams and Training?

All forms necessary for the application, registration and renewal of drinking water and wastewater operator certification are available on the forms library. ($50 additional processing fee is required for paper applications.)


Are there materials available to help me prepare for the exam?

Yes, check out the test preparation page to find materials to aid you in preparing for drinking water, wastewater and solid waste exams. 


Are there continuing education requirements for each certification level?

Certified treatment, distribution, collection and bottled water operators must complete a minimum number of continuing education hours in order to renew their licenses.

Certification Level
Continuing Education Hours Required
Limited (only available for operators working for a school water treatment plant or for a semipublic water supply; or for operators working for a school wastewater treatment plant and collection system.
12 hours
Class I and Class II
12 hours
Class III and Class IV
24 hours
Class I-OIT and Class II-OIT
12 hours
Class III-OIT and Class IV-OIT
24 hours