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Recycling and Local Assistance Branch

​In addition to updating a comprehensive solid waste management plan every five years, each solid waste management area (or district) must submit a completed annual report no later than March 1st of each year.  Forms and support materials for the Solid Waste Management Area Annual Report and the Solid Waste Management Plan can be accessed from the links below:

Solid Waste Management Annual Report Forms

DEP 6061 Solid Waste Management Annual Report Form

Continuation Recycling Facility Page DEP 6061

Continuation Remaining Illegal Open Dumps Page DEP 6061

Continuation Illegal Open Dumps Cleaned Page DEP 6061

Continuation Garbage Collector Page DEP 6061 

Continuation Special Events Page DEP 6061

Solid Waste Management Annual Report Support Materials

US Census Occupied Household Estimates

Municipal Solid Waste Collector and Recycler Registration and Report Form, DEP5033

Solid Waste Management Plan 5-Year Update Forms
Solid Waste Management Plan Amendment Form