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​​​What is E-scrap?

Cell phones, tablets, televisions, computers and other electronic devices are everywhere, and consumers are replacing and updating their electronics with increasing frequency.  Worn out or obsolete electronics are generally referred to as “e-scrap”.  Unfortunately, e-scrap can contain hazardous components that necessitate proper recycling and disposal practices.  Here are some common electronic products that may contain hazardous materials:
Older (cathode ray tube) computer monitors and televisions contain leaded glass. 
Printed circuit boards contain lead, chromium, cadmium and sometimes mercury.
Batteries can contain lead, mercury and cadmium.
Electronic switches, lighting devices and flat screen displays can contain mercury.
Older televisions, electrical appliances and computers can contain Polychlorinated Biphenyls(PCBs).

Recycling for Kentucky’s Executive Branch and Other Agencies

Kentucky recently entered into a contract with Powerhouse Recycling for mandatory collection and recycling of all of the e-scrap  generated by the Executive Branch of state government.  The Judicial and Legislative Branches have the option to use this contract as well, along with all political subdivisions of the state, including county and city governments, school districts, and universities.  These entities can get additional information on how to utilize the contract, including packaging specifications, pickup scheduling, and costs (and/or reimbursements) by contacting Garrett Powell with Powerhouse Recycling.  (Powerhouse Recycling phone:  1-855-MYECYCLE [693-2925]).  
The general public is encouraged to contact their local Solid Waste Coordinator for guidance on managing e-scrap.  Organizations and businesses may use the resources below to begin the process of selecting an e-scrap vendor that meets the needs of their organization.

Electronics Recycling Opportunities

The US EPA encourages e-scrap recycling companies to obtain one or both of the accepted industry certifications, R2 and e-Stewards®. These certifications include third-party auditing to ensure that e-scrap recyclers are following best management practices in the industry: assessing environmental and worker health, ensuring data security, and implementing strong environmental standards for safe management of material by downstream e-scrap handlers.  When looking for an e-scrap management vendor it is a good idea to inquire whether they maintain one or both of these industry certifications.
View this list of electronics recyclers operating in Kentucky or contact your local solid waste coordinator for more information on recycling e-scrap. Be sure to call ahead to determine what types of materials and components are accepted and if there are any fees associated with the recycling service.
Disclaimer: The list of electronic recyclers above has not been vetted and may be incomplete.  Inclusion on the list does not indicate certification status and is not intended as an endorsement of any of the listed vendors. 

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