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Superfund Branch

​​​​The Petroleum Section is responsible for regulatory oversight of non-UST petroleum releases.  Overseeing these sites includes ensuring regulatory compliance and guidance of responsible party lead investigations, remediation, and management of contaminated sites.  The section also performs project management of investigations, remediation, and/or management for sites without viable responsible parties in a state lead capacity.

The Superfund Branch regulates releases from non-regulated tanks but does not regulate the tanks themselves.  The Office of the State Fire Marshall is responsible for plan review and permitting for the installation of underground storage tanks and above ground storage tanks.  

The Petroleum Section also processes Brownfield Redevelopment and Reuse Program applications and conducts regular audits to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements for the program.

Responsible Party Lead

Parties found under Kentucky Superfund statutes to be responsible for contamination are required to investigate the extent and to remediate or manage the contamination according to regulatory guidance.  The State Section provides oversight of, and guidance for, these sites and their environmental activities.

State Lead

Sites requiring action to address contamination that are not associated with a financially viable responsible party are eligible to become "state lead" sites.  Project managers will allocate resources to collected environmental samples, and use that information to develop a strategy to remediate and/or manage the contaminants to restrict harmful exposure risks.

Brownfield Redevelopment Applications  (415)

State Section staff process and review Brownfields Redevelopment and Reuse Applications, commonly referred to as 415 applications.  These applications have a specific set of requirements for eligible prospective purchasers or owners, wherein providing appropriate documentation and an approvable property management plan will allow the purchaser to receive an assurance that environmental liability will not be sought against them, so long as the applicant adheres to what has been approved and the guidelines set forth under regulation.

Visit the Brownfields page for more information.

Section Staff

Ken Logsdon, P.G., Registered Geologist Supervisor

Nathan Bentley, Geologist III

Lori Berry, Environmental Scientist IV

Sarah Yount, Environmental Scientist III​

Jean Weaver​, Environmental Scientist I